Why Micro Sites Are a Bad Idea

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The old world of SEO included micro sites. These micro sites would point to each other in an attempt to raise the search ranking of the “mother site”. However, this practice has only brought destruction upon those sites because the search engines are now in the process of attacking sites that use this strategy.

The search engines are smart and eventually will catch on. The problem was that the SERPs noticed a particular blog network that had too much business for its own good. This blog network tipped the SERPs off to the existence of itself and others of its kind. That tipping point brought down itself and other networks like it.

The problem with this is that a lot of the major SEO’s and SEO firms were using this particular blog network and it brought their sites down and the sites of their clients as well. To be very honest, no SEO saw this change coming and many people were left with absolutely nothing after the change to the rankings systems that the search engines use.

Most of the search experts are recommending the use of micro sties to battle this problem. Their idea is that micro sites are not blogs or blog networks (or “splogs” for short, which means spammy blogs”.) They are stand-alone sites that happen to link to the mother site.

This idea is not only dangerous; it just may very well be suicide. This is because the businesses that take this route will find themselves penalized in the future. The search engines will see these micro sites as a blog networks and they will penalize all the sites involved in manipulating the search ranking through their privately held network.

Therefore, a person needs to look closely at what the search engines have said about privately owned blog networks. The search engines will not care about technicalities; they will not spare the rod when it comes to attacking offenders who use the tactic of micro site linking. Therefore, a person must avoid using this tactic at all costs because a person who uses this tactic will find themselves banned from the search results.

The answer to this problem is to have a content marketing link building program. A person who builds their linking strategy on strong content is a person who will avoid the wrath of the search engines. The search engines want all the content on the internet to be of high quality. Therefore, a person should make high quality posts and pages to satisfy the SERPs in an attempt to get better search rankings.

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