Why Over Optimization Is Very Bad

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The new world of SEO is filled with a lot of misnomers. However, the new age of SEO has brought to light a new phenomenon called over-optimization. This is something that every person building a web page needs to understand and watch out for when they build their sites.

The truth is that this is not totally a new idea. However the enforcement of this one phenomenon is new. The past of over optimization was far less severe. People used to over optimize and get penalized, but not to the extremes that the search engines do now. Over optimization is a new bad word in the vocabulary of a professional SEO. It is so bad that it belongs right up there with SEO bad pratices.

The major search company in the world has announced that it would start penalizing of this fact much heavier, and they have started to do this. This means that the search engines are far stricter with over optimization. This means that the extra strings of keyword locations should be pulled from a site, the keywords stuffed into an article must be taken out, and the bad link building practices of yester year need to be thrown out.

The first inclination of a person who discovers search engine optimization is to over optimize. This is the response of a rank beginner because they do not know what they are doing. They just optimize their site the best they know how and that usually gets them into trouble in the long run. This is because the search engines only get smarter and smarter every year. They learn what grey hat or other unsavory methods exist and they attack those methods as soon as they can. It is all they know how to do, and they will continue to do that as long as possible.

Therefore, a business that wants good optimization must be careful not to over optimize their website. A website that is obviously trying to influence the search engine rankings must change their ways or be forced to lose everything that they have worked for in the past. This means that a business can lose a lot of money quickly when they do spammy type things on the internet to raise their rankings on the search engines.

A good SEO professional makes sure their clients do not over optimize and deliver them a website that ranks highly on the search engines. Therefore, a business that does not understand SEO needs to hire someone who does or associate themselves with a directory that has good SEO. Therefore, a person needs to be ready for the future by finding these people today and keeping them on staff as long as possible.

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