Why SEO and Conversion Go Hand in Hand

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SEO and conversion go hand in hand. The truth about this situation is that no SEO campaign can succeed without analytics. The analytics help a professional search engine optimizer to figure out if what they are doing is effective. There is no possibility of succeeding in search engine optimization without knowing if the efforts are working.

There is a lot of information that can be gleaned from the analytics that a person puts on their website like what words are actually getting traffic (they may not be the words that the business is optimizing for in the first place). Therefore, a SEO campaign must be mixed with some sort of analytics to be effective.

The truth is that a person is usually wrong about the first keyword they select for a business. This keyword may not send very much traffic or it may not send the best traffic at all. This means that a business can waste a lot of time and money on a keyword that will never bring them a significant amount of traffic or conversions. This is a major problem and it can only be fixed when SEO is combined with analytics

Analytics is the great equalizer on the internet because analytics is all about the real world and not the world how it should be for the business owner. This means that the person who uses analytics has a realistic view of the internet and its ability to drive traffic to a website. The analytics systems cannot lie and a person who pays close attention to them will have a better chance of optimizing their campaigns for conversion (to make sales).

The truth is that a campaign can be optimized to get traffic or a campaign can be optimized for generating money. Usually it is smart to optimize the site for traffic. This is because traffic is the lifeblood of the business. If a business can generate traffic then they have a something to optimize. It is very difficult to optimize a campaign if the campaign has no traffic at all.

Once a business has traffic, then they have a real asset that can be optimized for making money. Traffic is nice, but eventually traffic will eat the house, shoes, and food of the owner of that traffic. Therefore, a business must find a way to monetize their traffic or they will close their doors eventually. There is no other reason to open a website (other than the enjoyment of it) then to make money. Therefore, if a business does not make money with their website, then they need to look at their traffic problem or their conversion problem (it is one of the two and sometimes both).

A person cannot figure out what problem that is without analytics. Analytics gives the user the information they need to make the right decisions. A business cannot see what is happening in their site without analytics, therefore, they cannot make informed decisions that will influence the future. A business needs to look at what keywords are driving traffic and what keywords are driving conversions. A business that can do that is a business that will make a lot of money in the future.

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