Why SEO Is Becoming More and More About Publicity

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A person who understands publicity is a person who can do well in SEO now and in the future. This is because SEO is looking more and more like the publicity industry every day. The normal ways of link building have become antiquated and the way to gain authority on the internet has gotten harder and harder. Therefore, a person with the guts to maintain a strong publicity program is a person who will do well in the future.

It takes guts to run a publicity campaign because there is a lot of “no’s” in the industry. In fact, it is fair to say that a person will experience 90 to 95% “no’s” when trying to gain publicity for their business. This is because the reporters are only in the business of reporting news that is relevant and news worthy.

The same is true with the new style of SEO is coming on the horizon. The new way the SEO game is the old way it was played. A person will put up content (great or not) and wait for people to read and link to it. This model has never worked, and probably will never work in the future. This means that a person must optimize their content on the search engines to get it read and shared.

One of the ways to get this done is to use articles to obtain guest blogging opportunities. However, these opportunities are a lot like being published in the local papers. There are a lot of “no’s” and a person needs thick skin to find a person who will accept the author as a guest blogger. This is because any good will that the blog owner has generated is transferred to the other writer. This can seriously hurt the blog owner if the other person is not a stickler for quality at all. Therefore, there will always be a lot more “no’s” than “yes’s” when looking for publicity on the internet.

An SEO who understands that their job in the future will be difficult is a person who is setting his or herself up for success. SEO is a battle and it can be frustrating, however, the results are greatly rewarding when a person gets right into it. Therefore, a person should understand what type of battle they are getting into before they get into the battle. This means a person with the right mind set will again the right attitude in the future to make things right with their SEO. They will have the right mindset and they will have the patience to make things happen on the search engines in their favor.

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