14 Times Faster – Gigabit Routers Accelerate Your Web Browsing to New Heights

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Gigabit routers are the most advanced wireless routers and they are both easy and fast to install. This author describes what the most essential characteristics to take into consideration are when you are looking for a new wireless router.

You can improve your on line speeds quite simply by purchasing an up to date wireless router. Most recent routers employ the 802.11n protocol that is as high as 14 times quicker than the previous generation of routers. With increased range and stable connections, new routers are considerably superior to previous versions. In addition they provide innovative advanced features. There are many choices available while looking to shop for a wireless router. In order to choose the best one to satisfy your preferences, it is important to recognize what to consider. The following is a listing of the important features to look for in selecting a gigabit wireless router.SpeedOne of the primary reasons to upgrade to a gigabit router is speed. The data transfer rate of the router directly influences how fast internet pages load, how quickly you are able to download files or transfer files from one computer on your network to another. Fortunately, all gigabit routers work with the latest 802. 11n protocol and therefore all are pretty speedy. Certain manufacturers such as Netgear in their WNDR3800, use innovative algorithms to enhance the speed of their routers. If you will be streaming videos, or transferring sizeable files, select among those.Clean ConnectionsA number of gigabit routers, classified as dual band routers, transmit at two frequencies at the same time. Older wireless routers commonly transmitted at 2. 4 GHz and newer types transmit at 5. 8 GHz. Although both bands provide a good connection, the higher frequency (5. 8 GHz), in general provides a connection that is more interference free. And dual band routers offer the most interference free connections of all.Transmission RangeAll Gigabit Routers designed to use the newer 802. 11n protocol have a longer range (the distance they transmit their signals) compared to the routers that use the older 802. 11g technology. If you want to use your laptop or mobile phone in a location far from your router, look into the online specs for any router you are considering prior to buying. One router with particularly good range is the Buffalo Technologies WZR-HP-G300NHStable ConnectionsFew things are more frustrating than when your internet connection unexpectedly fades away and you find yourself viewing an error screen. Then you click the refresh button (F5 on the PC) and you have your internet back again. Routers that offer a dependable connection that never dies out remedy this issue. Fortunately, virtually all gigabit routers do supply superior connections compared with older 802. 11g ones.Most modern Security FeaturesWhen selecting a new router, you ought to be sure to select one that offers the latest security features. In all probability you’ll realize that any good quality router has them. Give preference to the following security protocols: WPA2, WPA-PSK and 128/64-bit WEP.Certain gigabit routers supply the ability to set up a separate network for house guests or visitors to your business. This feature allows you to provide them with web access, but not access to your private files. These routers generally enable you to transmit additional SSIDs (wireless network IDs), so you can create one for outsiders.802. 11g CompatibilityShould you be upgrading your old 802. 11g router to a new 802. 11n gigabit router, you probably have some devices designed to still use the older protocol. Should this be your situation, you need to make certain your new router works with the older protocol as well (most do).Regardless which gigabit router you select, you can count on achieving a faster, easier to set up and more powerful internet connection to each of the computers and smartphones in your network. This will save you time and frustration in the long run.

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