Benefits of locking your private files at the office

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Getting on top of the corporate ladder is no simple matter; ittakes more than dedication and commitment to succeed in the workplace, you alsoneed to be aware of the threats that may be out to destroy you. 

You just landed a key sales position in a multinationalorganization which promises career growth and better future prospects, giventhe condition that you work with honesty and dedication. You may feel that allis honky dory, though you may be very wrong. The fact is that you’ll be workingwith others in the organization – your co-workers. Most of your co-workers willbe helpful and friendly, but, a few of them will have an aversion to you andperhaps they may grow to be your bitter rivals. Despondently, there’s not muchyou can do to make things better for yourself if you are met with hostility bysome co-workers, excluding the verity that you can simply overlook them and goon with your business.


So now, you’ve been doing fairly well, in fact your performancehas been quite exceptional and you are receiving high praises by topmanagement. Though, some of your co-workers are jealous of your new foundsuccess and are planning to take some harsh steps to take you down, all thewhile, you may be unaware of the looming threats that you may be facing by yourco-workers. Imagine yourself in the following paradigm: Your co-worker, John,who is the most hostile towards you, has devised a wicked plan which will getyou fired. While you go on your lunch break, you leave your computer un-locked.As you leave and drive-off to a nearby restaurant to grab a bite to eat, johnwith extreme stealth goes into your booth and locates a file which contains keyinformation containing the addresses, names and numbers of top payingcustomers, he then attaches that file and mails it to your employer’scompetitors.


Few months back when sales begin to dip, your company begins to gointo loss and your boss launches an investigation to determine the cause ofsudden loss of sales, all employees are interviewed by top management, finallyduring the final phase of the investigative interview, John reveals that youmay be sending confidential information to competitors via email. As a result,your email activities are audited and the email which was sent by john to allof your competitors has been determined to be linked with your email address.Consequently, you are fired without giving you any chance to explain yourself.Your hopes, dreams and aspirations are shattered and to add insult to injury,you are black-listed from your ex-employer. The preceding fictitious scenariois sad, though this has happened to several professionals in real-life.


This confrontation could have been easily prevented had youprotected your clients list with FolderLocking software such as Folder Lock which allows you topassword protect critical company data. The splendor of this software is thatit locks your data and cannot be accessed without the correct password.  Only you can unlock them with the correctpassword. For added security, folder lock also enables you to encryptconfidential company data by storing them in encrypted lockers, which are impossibleto hack, since they are encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption technology. 


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