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Google chrome is the widely used Browser that is introduced to the world in 2003 in 43 languages. Today, it is available for Microsoft windows only and this is a fast, secure and simple browser in comparison to others.

Two biggest strengths attached to this browser are Application performance and JavaScript processing speed. The features that are linked with this browser are graphical user interface, address bar combined with search bar and have 39% market share in the market. The question which has surrounded it users is how to delete the browsing history. This has to be done for keeping privacy and for removing clutter of search history.In order to clear browsing history, users need to follow few guidelines which are given below:

  • Unlock the chrome web browser and then click on the “History” which is present in options on the top left of the Google Chrome Toolbar.
  • This option can also be found by selecting the “customize and control Google Chrome Box” which is available on the top left of the screen. A new window will pop up which specify what you really want to delete.
  • After this, you need to specify the time range, for this purpose, you need to select one of the available options depending upon your wish. The options available to you includes past hour, past week, past four weeks, since the beginning and others. If you choose the last option, then whole browsing history got deleted.
  • You need to make changes in details, it means you can choose what you want to delete. It includes options like clear download history, empty the cache, clear saved passwords, clear saved autofills form data, clear data from hosted applications, deauthorize content licenses and clear browsing history.
  • Once you have done with this, you next need to click on “Clear browsing data” and it’s done in a moment.

Well, it is assured that users will definitely delete its browsing history with above procedure. Other than this, various other issues are revolving around its users that is not just one but a full package. Even, that points available in that package is increasing with the time and these unlimited issues are loading errors, troubleshooting problems, web page not responding, browser not working properly, not responding issues and lots more. Users finding above issues can get rid of it by seeking the efficient support of technical service providers which are available everywhere. Under these units, skilled and trained professionals work who have years of experience in this aspect only. User looking forward to quality and immediate solutions can acquire it by making a single call on a specified Google chrome tech support number.

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