Free Virus Protection Is Great If You Dont Have Paid Software.

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Virus protection is a component that everybody should have installed, and a free virus protection could be just as good as a paid one. Atleast when you don’t have any virus protection at all. Because new viruses are created constantly, virus protection is never guaranteed, but an updated virus protection software is preferred as you will be protected from new viruses discovered by the manufacturer of the virus protection software you use.

Free virus protection software are often very good, but you should keep away from the scams. To understand why you need a paid or free virus protection, it would be better if you know what a virus is, and how it works. The best way to learn that is actually to be infected by one. We are not going to learn you how to get infected, instead how you best avoid that to happen. You could be infected right now, totally unaware of it. An email with an virus attachment could also land in your mailbox, and when you open this attachment your computer will be infected. Sooner or later, you’ll receive an email like this. If you have either a paid or a free virus protection, this email should be cleaned, quarantined or deleted. If you don’t have protection, you might be in serious trouble.A virus could be created to do numerous of different things to harm your system. It is a piece of code with the ability to duplicate itself over and over again. A computer virus could for instance cause your telephone bill to show charges for calls made to porn sites, or other suspect sites. Although you are absolutely positive that you have never been on those porn sites, or anything similar, the charges still appear on your phone bill. What we are talking about here is a so-called “Dialer” -virus. These works with dial-up connections. Other viruses are made to erase your system files, and the result is a total shutdown of your entire computer system. Viruses could practically do anything they want to. Which intentions the different viruses have, is solely determined by their creators.So, how do we protect ourselves and our computers against these malicious threats? Well, it has become an endless job to keep systems protected and updated to shield them from the latest threats. No virus protection software, free or paid, knows every virus out there, and there are a large variety of products when it comes to numbers of known virus signatures, and its ability to find and remove the threats. Many of the largest virus protection manufacturers are known for having a large signature database, but unfortunately it seems that they are not always the best ones to remove the viruses. What I personally value most when it comes to both paid and free virus protection software, is the software’s ability to find viruses and destroy them, but also that it runs on little system resources. This way you could still run a virus check, and continue to use the computer as you did. Here is also a lot to choose from, but I will recommend you one piece of free virus protection software that you can test for yourself. It is an open source project started to make private users contribute to the development of this software. It runs on little resources, has a good signature database, and best of all, it’s free.

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