Hot Spot Software – A Magnificent Way That Increase Your Business

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In this era of revolution, there are so many scientific inventions took place; the 19th century man never imagined these inventions. 

In this era of revolution, there are so many scieIn this era of revolution, there are so many scientific inventions took place; the 19th century man never imagined these inventions. Internet is one of the most significant inventions that mesmerize the whole world. With the passage of time, communication technology is become more advanced, there are so many new ways of communications are invent. All these inventions are for the services of humanity; in this respect they update their technology as the demand increases. Wireless WIFI hot spot software is the latest shape of internet and with this technology; you can enjoy the internet on your desktop pc or laptop without any wire. You can enjoy this service through a wireless local area network, and this technology connects you to the internet easily and simply. This type of technology best for cyber café, shopping malls and lots of other public places and hotels also. Hotspot software is complete package full of new things that secure, manage and optimize your internet café business. This software not only maximizes your business but done lots of other necessary things that are very helpful and necessary for the café’s owner. This software also provides the facility to protect the computer from wrong use, and with the help of hotspot billing you can also control the customers account and charge them by the usage of internet and type of application, which a customer use. This software also accepts the bills through the credit card and with the help of bandwidth manager it also stops the data transferring and control the excessive download. With the help of hot spot billing software you can control the usage and also manage the user account. Hot spot software offers different types of pricing schemes for the customer’s convenient such as per hour price, block pricing, pre paid and post paid. There are three types of taxes, discounts and different internet prices for the office and games user. This is a gateway type of software that does not need any client software for installation, any type of method is acceptable such as wired or wireless laptop, wi max, ADSL, Wi- FI and ISDN and many more.  Billing hotspot is included in the hot spot software and that does not need any separate server or any other thing, it tracks the usage of internet and guides the customers to login page before going to browse the internet service. In this way customer has to pay through credit card or buy a ticket from the operator of front desk. They give customer a username or password through this they pay for the selected plan including, bandwidth quota and download rates. Hot spot billing is the essential part of the Hotspot Software and this software is best for ISPs, hotels, cyber cafes and shopping malls. Lots of telecommunication companies are offering this service to their customers for good reputation and business. You can also this enjoy service on your cell phone if your cell is compatible for this service. With the growing requirement of this service so many hotels are there who facilitate their customers with this service. 

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