Microsoft Dynamics GP Lot Number Tracking Logic – highlights for developer

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If your company is retailer and you integrate Microsoft Retail Management System with Microsoft Dynamics GP Great Plains, you probably were already thinking about lot number tracking integration challenges.  Below we would like to describe elegant lot numbering schema, which maps to Microsoft RMS items

In GP we control Purchasing, inventory (inter-stores) transfers, new items/lot creation and barcode labels printing

  • Barcode labels.  You receive new or existing inventory items in GP and print labels for RMS stored, containing GP Item Number plus Lot Number – as you sell different lots in RMS with different price and cost
  • Purchase Receipts.  You receive Items which are lot tracked and you propagate them to MS RMS Headquarters.  In Purchase Receipts you specify item location code, which is mapped to RMS store.  In this case you should program MS RMS HQ worksheet and mark it as approved – it will go automatically by RMS HQ logic down to the store
  • RMS Stores Inventory transfers.  This is probably the most challenging logic to be synchronized back in GP.  Tables to consider in GP are IV10200, IV00300 plus GP looks into original posted inventory transfers: IV30200, IV30300
  • Standard GP-RMS Integration.  Out of the box integration doesn’t support Lot numbering complicated schema, this is why we recommend you to research your needs in case if you need lot numbering and barcoding
  • Dexterity customization.  Additional features could be added via dex custom GP logic.  Integration itself uses Dexterity screens to set up integration mapping: company to RMS store, company inventory site to RMS store.  Integration is flexible and supports multicompany to multistore mapping.  Typically you integrate on the level of Microsoft RMS Headquarters, however you could also integrate on single RMS store level.  In our opinion integration targets primarily HQ model with minimum of 5 RMS stores

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