Organize Projects and Tasks Better with Time Management Tracking

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Make every hour count by using a time management trackingtool. This will help you plan and organize all your daily, weekly and monthlytasks so you’ll be able to stay on schedule and on budget.

Time management tracking helps organize all your tasks (whetherpersonal or professional) by allowing you to record each with its correspondingstart and completion details. By doing so, you’ll get to view if you are still onschedule and on budget. This tool also helps determine if all your work hourshave been spent productively or wasted with non-work related activities. Thereare moments or situations that take away our time. A simple phone call or ane-mail could divert our focus on the job before us. Before you know it, theallocated time for a certain task is over, yet we are not even half throughwith it. With this tool, we are always reminded to stick to the plan,especially if we want satisfied and loyal clients.



This software contains features that make your professionallife easier. And by easier, it means that it’s very user friendly and can beused even by those who are not really familiar with online tools. Most of theseare software-based that need to be installed. Others are web-based whereinstallation is not required. All you need to do is log in and then you canstart creating and planning tasks.


What you’ll do is type in all the activities you haveplanned for the day or days ahead. It’s a calendar, journal and organizer allrolled into. But what’s even better is that it has additional awesome attributesthat none of these mentioned have. These include the ability to make billingsand invoices out of the hours you spent working on items considered as billable;to create charts that show your work habits to help you analyze if projects areindeed profitable; to produce reference charts so when there is a new offer andit is something you have previously done, you’ll have something to base yourprice and schedule; to calculate your taxes; and the capacity to automaticallysend accurate billing statements to clients and remind them of overduepayments. Given all these features, a time management tracking application isreally more than just a tool used to track time.


Out of the items listed above that show how this softwarehelps, the charts it produces are perhaps one of the most significant. Withthese charts, you’ll get to view the pulse of your work habits. It will help inanalyzing whether you have been spending adequate time for your projects orsquandering it with idle, non-productive activities. It also assists indetermining if your estimates are doable and favorable. Did you allocate enoughtime for the project? Is the estimated time of completion really doable? Areyou charging cheap or are you over pricing? These and more are answered withthe time management tracking.

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