Repair BKF File – Tackling the Challenges Faced

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Data is the great assets of all business enterprises or organizations and even to small enterprise. Thus, preserving the data is of great concern. Data can be upheld using the NTBackup utility by the Windows and it uses the .bkf file format. The backup facility allows the data to be stored safely and helps in case if original data is lost or corrupted. Backup of data means keeping the replica of all the data to a safer place. Like the other files, .bkf files also are covered up by threats. What will happen if the backup files are been damaged? Sometimes, many of the users might have gone through this stage and might be finding out a solution for it.

In this section, the cause of damage or corruption of the file is discussed along with the answer to the above question.


How to Recognize Corrupted Backup File?

For restoring the backup, one has to open the .bkf file. If the file is not opening up, it is clear that the files is damaged or corrupted. Corruption results in the inaccessibility of the file and until the damage is removed, no one can access it. Although if the file is corrupted, it does not mean that the data in it will be lost. The data might be lost if the corruption/damage is severe.

 The error messages received while opening the file may be:


  • BA1460 Error during the backup
  • Can’t open .bkf file
  • The Backup file is unusable
  • CRC failed error

 Causes of Damage:

There may be more than one cause for the corruption/damage.


  • Malfunctioning of software
  • Attack from viruses
  • Power failure during the backup
  • Improper shut-down of the system
  • Corruption in the hard drive
  • Corruption in registry
  • Unrecognized error in media


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