Serial Port Splitter

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An advanced application was launched which allows toshare dataflow of one COM port between several applications or vice versa tojoin dataflow of several COM port devices to one application. Such universalityis achieved by means of virtual serial ports technology.

FabulaTech,a leader in the market for device driver development, applicationdevelopment and systems internals programming for Microsoft Windows, Linux andEmbedded operating systems today announced the release of Serial Port Splitter 3.8 Aimed to ease the hardware management,Serial Port Splitter allows to get access to a device connected to a COM portfrom several applications simultaneously.

Serial Port Splitter allows to sharedataflow of one COM port between several applications or vice versa to joindataflow of several COM port devices to one application. Such programuniversality is achieved by means of virtual serial ports technologies.Moreover Serial Port Splitter allows to setup READ/WRITE or READ ONLY mode forsplitted ports and READ/WRITE or WRITE ONLY mode for joined serial ports. Moreprogram features can be studied at

There are 3 main things Serial Port Splitter can do:splitting, sharing, joining:


Splitting: create virtualCOM ports that are the exact copies of specified physical COM ports.

Sharing: work with the sameCOM port without splitting it to several different virtual COM ports.

Joining: create virtual COMport and forwards serial data from it to several physical COM ports.

“As soon as the necessity to work from severalapplications with a device connected to COM port arises, you face problems. Thepoint is that the operating system allows to access COM port to only oneapplication simultaneously”, says Alan Rourke, developer of Serial PortSplitter. “We managed to overcome this limitation of the operating systemhaving created a powerful application Serial Port Splitterthat allows you to get access to a device connected to a COM port from severalapplications simultaneously”.

According to analyst firm ShareResearch, a rapidly growing number of GPSdevices users, software developers and IT integrators who initially sought toimprove processes are now seeking more powerful products. Availability so farhas been limited to rather costly low-featured tools. Serial Port Splitter extendsthe existing product family connecting two or more applications to one realserial port with only several clicks.

Additional offerings for discount enable use of OEM license,the latter allows to integrate Serial Port Splitter functionality into any ownapplication and permits unlimited redistribution of Serial Port Splitter as anintegral part of one’s own software without having individual license keys. OEMLicense grants a royalty free distribution, so it is no use to pay extra feeper every license of one’s application.

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