Steps to check computer browsing history

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Checking or managing computer browsinghistory is a good way to keep a watch on users using the internet on yourcomputer. The different types of browsers used in browsing internet are internetexplorer Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome and so on.

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Checkingthe history depends on what type of internet browser you are using on yourcomputer. The different types of browsers used in browsing internet areinternet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome and so on.  The steps to check history on them are asfollows,

Forinternet explorer:

·        Click on the tool tab in internet explorer 7.

·        You will come across explorer bar tab in thedrop down box; move your mouse cursor over the tab.

·        Click on the history tab there.

·        A history side bar will appear containing allthe browsing history according to the date.

·        Click on the particular date, you will seelist of all the websites visited on that date.

·        Scroll down to see the URL or the name ofevery website that was visited.


For Mozilla Firefox:


·        Launch the browser by double click on MozillaFirefox.

·        Click on ‘History’ tab on the text menu barat the top of the browser.

·        Scroll down to see the list of websitesvisited in the library box.


·        Click on View tab. You will see the ‘Sidebar’tab.

·        Click on the side bar tab, you will see theoption for history.

·        Click on history, you can also make use ofthe shortcut ‘Ctrl + H’ to view the History sidebar.

·        In the History sidebar, you can check thebrowsing history by date.

ForGoogle chrome:


·        Open Google Chrome new tab or window.

·        Click “Show full history” link inthe bottom of the Google Chrome web browser window.


·        Click “Customize and Control GoogleChrome” menu.

·        Click “History” button.

These are the ways by whichyou can check the history of your browser. If you want to delete them, you canalso do so. The steps to delete internet browsing history are as follows,

For Google chrome:

·        Click the Chrome menu on the browsertoolbar.

·        Select Tools.

·        Select Clear browsing data.

·        Select the “Clear browsing history”checkbox in the dialogue box that appears.

·        Use the menu at the top to select the amountof data you want to delete. Select beginningof time to clear your entire browsing history.

·        Click Clear browsing data.


Friends these are the waysby which you can manage the history of your internet browser. If you face anysort of problem related with this or computers you can visit site, itprovides online windows support, technical support, protection tools and so on.

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