Supporting Dynamics GP Remotely or How to Get Second Opinion and Broader Expertise

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Mid-market Corporate ERP application is probably something, customers prefer to implement through local consulting firm.   In the case, when you have challenging business processes, you may decide to combine local consultants and nationwide experts, who have record of implementing the ERP in similar environment.

But, when your Great Plains is already implemented and is in production mode, you may try to go shopping for more attractive technical support conditions.  Second phase in Corporate ERP implementation is typically about something related to custom programming, integration, reporting.  If you recognize your case, local VAR might be short of the experience, and there is no blame, as local resellers typically pursue new ERP licenses sale and following generic implementation, and they might not have feasibility to carry Dexterity, eConnect, Integration Manager, Extender, Crystal Reports programmers and technical consultants.  Let’s see what is possible via remote tech support:

1. Modern Web Session Technology enables such options as version upgrade, customization development, report design, SQL data repair.  What is not possible for remote support consultant is something like replacing computer parts on your server or client computer.  If you think about such material things as DVD or CD – you do not really have to insert them into the DVD drive, as remote support technician can download DVD image and map it with virtual DVD tool

2. Getting second opinion.  If you are reading this paragraph, your local consulting firm probably failed in having GP implemented or customized,  Nationwide Dynamics GP tech support market should be able to give you reliable second opinion

3. Dexterity Software Development Factory.  Request for the customization should be available for all of Dynamics customers, including small, medium and large businesses.  The management team of the software development factory should be experienced in the all or at least in the most popular Great Plains customization scenarios and requests

4. Industry Expertise.  Well, the question – who the hell is out there to help me with proven experience – is definitely a legitimate one.  We would recommend you to look first at your industry requirements (are you really in the business which requires custom and sort of unique business processes)

5. Data Repair issues.  Great Plains Dynamics is really open for data fixing through MS SQL Server Management Studio Query Designer.  But, even if the fact stated above is true, we really discourage you from doing direct data repair on the MS SQL Server level.  Here your opinion might differ from the opinion of your employer or boss

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