The Main Causes of Computer Slowness

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The main causes that lead to computer slowness are talked about here. What needs to be done to solve these problems is given. Sincerely hope it can be helpful for you.

Computer makes our life more convenient. Information spreads much faster than before. People can communicate with each other more easily. The working hours can be changed to be more flexible due to the computer came into existence. Sometimes we don’t have to go to office to have a meeting. We can discuss an issue through the computer easily.

However, it is inevitable that computer slowness may occur after some time. How could we speed up our computers? What we need to do is to make out the detailed causes. If your computer is affected by viruses, it may become slow by accident. Sometimes, some processes take up most of CPU and the computer runs more slowly, but these strange processes can not be deleted. In order to solve this problem, we can install a piece of powerful antivirus software and clean the viruses quickly.

Too many bootup programs also can lead to a slow computer. You can click start menu and enter msconfig in the prompt dialog box. Then another popup appears, turn to startup option to disable the programs that you don’t want them to start with the operating system. Finally, click ok to finish the settings.

Too many junk files in the system slow down the computer. The junk files accumulate over time and there is no timely deletion. These junk files take up too much disk space and the computer is certainly running slowly. In this case, these junk files should be found and deleted completely and thoroughly. If you know well about computer, you can check the duplicate files or junk files by yourself. If you want to find a shortcut, you can ask for help from a registry cleaner.

Many computer users are not familiar with computer registry and with registry cleaners. A good registry cleaner can clean the junk files timely and completely. This kind of program is mainly designed for keeping your computer registry in safe environment. It can detect and fix registry problems quickly. Some advanced registry cleaners have many other functions. If a good cleaner is selected, it is a time-saving and money-saving thing. It can delete the junk files and duplicate files. Te IE problems can be detected and fixed timely. The bad activex can be blocked as soon as they intend to invade your computer. The bad or broken shortcuts can be fixed immediately. The invalid shortcuts can be cleaned easily. If you want to know more about registry cleaners, you can visit .

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