What to Look For in Your Server Disaster Recovery Solution

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Having the right server disaster recovery solution on hand can really make all the difference in the world for your IT operations as well as for your organization as a whole. This is, after all, the solution that your entire company will count on to restore operations in the event a major data loss event occurs, or even with the seemingly minor incidence of the deletion of a single file.

All too often, that one file that was accidentally deleted is absolutely critical, and losing even one file can be damaging to an organization. So while running the right solution is critical to your organization, you may need some help in determine what features you should look for in your solution.There are many different server disaster recovery solutions available on the market today, and each one is loaded with different features and benefits. Some are truly vital to having at your fingertips for use with regular data backups as well as with running recover operations, and others seem to offer little benefit and seem to only inflate the price of your solution unnecessarily. You absolutely need a solution that is designed to handle automated, scheduled backups of your operating system, your data files, and your applications on both a full and incremental basis. The right system should have tools for encryption, consolidation, and conversion, to name a few. Beyond the backup process, however, a server disaster recovery solution needs to have features that make it fast and easy to perform the recovery process. When your systems are down, speed is critical, as having downtime in an organization equates to lost money. Files should be accessible from a virtual location, and they should be able to be restored to any machine in just minutes. Running the right solution can ensure that any downtime your organization experiences, whether for a single file or a full system, is absolutely minimized. As you can see, there are a lot of different factors to consider when looking for a great server disaster recovery solution. Most importantly, you will want to ensure that any solution you choose to run is easy to use on a regular basis and that it has an easy-to-use management console or interface. This console will ensure that you aren’t wasting valuable time fiddling with the backup processes or extending downtime during the recovery process. Keep these things in mind as you search for the right solution for you and your needs.

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