Safety Guide: Preventing Theft of Tablet Computers and Mobile Phones

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Losing a Smartphone should not betaken lightly. Smartphone’s can contain valuable data which can be used toconduct criminal activities by criminals. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

If you fall under the age group of 18to 25, it’s probable that you’ve most likely had your mobile phone and ortablet lost or stolen in the past.  Justlast April, a survey funded by Pew Research discovered that nearly 45% ofmobile phone users who fall under this age group have either lost or had theirphones stolen.  Another part of the studylooked at an older age group of 35-54 year olds’ and found that 3 out of 10individuals had their mobile phones either stolen or had lost them in the past. Theft of mobile phones and tablets arenot a new trend, these portable devices have long been hot targets for thieves.However, since the advent of smartphones which are in essence, a mini computercapable of storing a lot of sensitive data, such as usernames and passwords,your browsing history, your personal contacts and possibly personal PDFdocuments that may contain data on your identity, you may end up losing morethan just your phone – In certain cases, your identity. 

So, why are smartphones so popularwith thieves? One reason is because many wireless carriers have made the switchto GSM technology which makes it easy to unlock any phone, meaning the stolenphones can be used by any subscriber; thus, thieves are easily able to resellthem to anyone. It’s recommended that after purchasing any phone, its best towrite down the IMEI number, in case it gets lost or stolen in the future, thismakes identifying the phone easier when it’s recovered. Smartphone users shouldrealize that they risk losing their smartphones every time they go out inpublic. Armed thieves are always on the lookout for anyone using expensivephones.  If you happen to be held up byan armed robber, don’t fight back or try to resist, hand them your phone, yourlife is more important than any material object.

If you never had the misfortune ofgetting robbed for your phone, then consider yourself lucky. Though, don’t takeyour luck for granted. Your only solution is to avoid using your Smartphone inpublic places. You should never leave your phone unattended anywhere, be it atthe restaurant, at the coffee, the school library, or while waiting for the busor train at the station. Someone can easily walk out with your cell phone whileyou’re occupied indulging your coffee or reading the morning newspaper. Nextthing you know, your iPhone is missing, it’s that simple for professionalthieves to steal your Smartphone or tablet computer.  There are numerous apps both for iPhone andAndroid which allow you to track your stolen phone. Though, it would be quitestupid for you to confront the thief on your own, the smart thing to do is tocontact the police immediately and report the location. Other useful softwarethat should be installed is data security software which locks your privatedata preventing criminals from accessing your private information from youriPhone. Moreover, you should secure USB portable data storage drives which oftencontain sensitive data, and since they are small and portable, you are morelikely to lose them.

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