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SEO is constantly evolving, making it necessary to keep up with the changes in ranking factors. There are several factors you need to focus on to increase how high your website ranks in the search engines.

Content Quality
If you want your keywords to rank high you need to pay close attention to your content. Content should be well-written and unique to increase search results. Longer content often receives higher rankings. It’s also important to update your content on a daily basis. If you’re looking to create better content 445 media can help you create the best content possible.

High rankings in the search engines have always been dependent on having high quality backlinks. Make sure to have links from high authority sources. Newer algorithms are increasingly filtering out websites that have low backlinks.

Mobile User Experience
How responsive your website is will affect how high it is ranked. More people are now using the internet on mobile devices than on the internet. This is why mobile versions should be first. 445 media can create responsive designs for the web that can increase the responsiveness of your website and make it search engine friendly.

Page Speed
Speed as well as ping time are increasingly important when it comes to how high your website will rank. If your pages are slow they will rank lower. Slow websites are also more irritating to use, and the algorithms used can find it difficult to index them. For these reasons it’s imperative to increase your site’s speed to improve its rank.

SSL Certification Encryption
Google Chrome has begun to mark sites without SSL certification as unsafe. Visitors on various sites are now focusing on HTTP encryption when looking into the website. If you had more than one website and only one had HTTP encryption, visitors would be more likely to use the one that is more secure even if both rank in the same position.

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