5 Money Management Phone Apps For Financial Success

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Utilize these top rated money management phone apps for financial success and a stress-free financial lifestyle on the go. Technology has never been easier for those looking to improve their financial standings.

As finance moves further into the world of technology with each passing year, smartphones and money management phone apps are increasingly more popular. By simplifying finance management, some of the best financial phone apps on the market today are free or available at a low cost. There are now convenient applications for checking, savings, interest calculations and more. Here are the top five best financial phone apps used by the professionals of finance.Tipulator: One Of The Best Financial Phone AppsMany people believe calculating a tip after a meal should be an easy task that may even exercise the brain. This is often the case with small lunches or dining for one or two. However, once the numbers of those dining out reach three and above, it often becomes a chore to split bills, tips and taxes. With Tipulator, it is easy to complete all of these tasks and more. Servers appreciate accurate mathematics when it comes to their income for serving your meal. Note that the servers also have to tip out bussers, bartenders and other persons assisting them throughout the night. Shortchanging one server essentially means shortchanging an entire crew.PocketMoneyAnother convenient application used since the mid-1990s, PocketMoney, manages several accounts at once. People across the globe use PocketMoney’s chart and graph creation features to help make more informed financial decisions. Additionally, this smartphone application helps people easily handle repeating transactions, direct deposits and more, all with just the touch of a button.Pennies App For Everyday UseThis is one of the most widely used money management phone apps in the United States for finance and budget allocation. Allowing users to produce a list of what is spent each week and each month, Pennies makes it is easier to see where your income is going. It also allows the user to place a budget into its system so it can track the proximity to that same budget with each passing day. No longer does an individual need to keep all of their daily figures in their head when they can be safely stored within their easily transportable smartphone system.Mint.Com Rated One Of The Best Financial Phone AppsMint.com is rated by Time Magazine as one of the top 50 best 2011 (financial) phone apps. Used to manage all types of investment accounts and other variable accounts, Mint.com makes your financial life easy while on the go. Password protected and safe, Mint.com has also worked hand in hand with Google places to allow users to find and access financial establishments wherever they may travel.The Envelopes App Keeps It SimpleAre you looking for an easier, more simplified way to complete online financial management? Envelopes is also rated as one of the best financial phone apps on the market. By allowing you to place different amounts of money into envelopes created for specific budget purposes, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to monitor your expenses. Envelopes allows you to track money usage day in and day out, helping you understand exactly where every dime is being placed on a regular basis.

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