Classic PC symptoms and Solutions to Fix the Problems

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A small business owner laments that he does not have IT support 24×7 to meet competitors of larger scale. However, there is not much of a problem that you cannot solver. Here are some that you can handle.

  1. Symptom: Sluggish response time


This may be a software problem.


Solution: Running an antivirus scan fully ensures there is no malicious software tripping up your computer. In case, malware is not the issue, get into the utility of system configuration and look continuously for the applications running in the background. There may be an application that you really do not make use of much and it must be looking for updates, if so, uncheck it and makes your computer free.


In case, these do not help, consider if there is a need for software updates. Run a disk defragmenter reducing the fragmentation amount, thus freeing up space in the file systems. Run a check disk utility to notice bad spots, if any that may fail your hard drive.


  1. Symptoms: Distorted video, sudden loss of power


This may be due to overheated computer components such as central processor killing the machine power or the graphics card connecting the monitor.


Solution: Turning your computer off and allowing it to cool will temporarily resolve the issue, but the underlying cause remains, that is dusting inside the computer. So, reach the website of the manufacturer and get manual or instructions to remove dust out of the computer.


  1. Symptom: Computer fails to boot up


This may be due to a software issue


Solution:  Failing to boot up and to enter the operating system means it refers to a corrupt system file. It is best to scan it and the problem may get repaired. If not, consider reinstalling the operating system that is certainly a time consuming task implying data loss, if you do not take regular backups. yet if it fails to respond, it is best handled by IT professionals.


  1. Symptom: Problems in launching software application


This may be due to a conflict with other applications.


Solution: Try to remove recent changes by restoring system function. If you have recently changed the desktop picture also it may have removed the system settings. If you notice your computer is experiencing problems immediately on installing the software, you can uninstall and install it to see if the problem can be solved. Without fail check and install updates on current software.


  1. Symptom: Peripherals fail to work


This may be due to corrupted software


Solution:  It may be that your printer or PDA fails to work with your computer, but normally it is the faulty software. This is because the software permitting the computer to talk to hardware gets corrupted, changed or deleted.  This solution may be very straight and simple such as uninstalling the software from the device and also requires reinstalling it. Look and install the required updates.


There are many more symptoms that you may notice, if so, first try to find out the reason, without panicking and find a solution to fix it.

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