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Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP, formerly known as Great Plains Dynamics, eEnterprise and in its earlier DOS version – Great Plains Accounting, is now available on Microsoft SQL Server platform early and only versions 10.0 and 9.0 are supported at this time.  

Most of current Great Plains recovery requests are for MSSQL Server 2005/SQL Select and 2000/MSDE, however as earlier Great PlainsSelect was available on Pervasive SQL 2000/Btrieve and Ctree/Faircom – most sophisticateddata recovery might be for these non Microsoft DB versions.  Before you call your Great Plains Guru (expectingto pay for Great Plains Support), please read how you could try to recoverDynamics GP data on your own if you are SQL DBA, or IT support engineer, ifthis is about old Pervasive SQL files:


1.       TryGP Check Links.  Ask Dynamics GP users logoff, Maintenance->Check Links, then select the series and tables clusters,where you suspect data integrity compromise. For example, Sales series and Sales Work cluster, if you expect data iscorrupt in Work SOP documents.  WhatCheck Links does – it verifies tables business logic integrity and tries to addlost data or modify existing data, based on business logic metadata rules.  One of the cautious about CL – if you havecustom integration, please discuss with your Dynamics GP programmer or GreatPlains ISV partner, if Check Links doesn’t harm integrated data


2.       SQLDynamics GP tables repair.  First, yougot to be very familiar with the tables and their relations, you can review GPtables architecture in Dynamics GP SDK, which could be installed from CD2, orfor quick reference, Tools->Resource Description->Tables in GP userinterface.  Then, when you know what youare doing, we recommend you to back up the tables, which you plan to repair:select * into GL00100_Backup from GL00100 – this statement will create newtables and copy all the records from GL Account Master into it.  If you repair fails, you can always rollback: alter table GL00100_Backup drop column DEX_ROW_ID and then you clearGL00100 table and insert into GL00100 select * from GL00100_Backup


3.       Btrieve/Pervasiveor Ctree data repair.  Here you typicallyinstall ODBC driver from GP CD and create new Microsoft Access Database, whereyou link all or required tables from your Pervasive/Ctree.  Before the repair, you make a backup of thewhole company folder or copy and rename desired files.  If Great Plains Dynamics is one of the legacysystems for you and you are SQL DBA, you can create linked server to PervasiveSQL or Ctree data from SQL Server Management Studio 2005 or Enterprise Manager2000


4.       GreatPlains Accounting for DOS and Windows data repair.  Here, you rather count on daily backup andsimply restore all from it.  If you arefacing specific error message in GPA, you should call your Great PlainsConsultant or feel free to contact us: 1-866-528-0577, help@albaspectrum.com

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