Dynamics GP Partner Orange County Newsflash: FRx Troubleshooting Notes

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Normally, you implement FRx Financial Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics GP financial statements: Balance, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and consolidated versions of these reports.  FRx is very scalable and serves multiple accounting platforms: Great Plains, Axapta, Solomon, and others

For such reporting tool you should expect some requiredsupport budget.  Normally, FRxinstallation, reports design and ongoing support is provided by your DynamicsGP Partner, or you could do self support, by searching Knowledge Base on yourMicrosoft Dynamics Customer Source.  Inthis small publication we would like to share some typical FRx supportquestions and fixes:


1.       Youcan only login FRx with sa user, and when you are trying Dynamics GP userlogin, password is not recognized.  Thisproblem happens when you installed FRx 6.7 from CD and didn’t apply requiredservice pack.  Please launch FRx, loginas sa, open Help->About FRx and read its version.  If it is 6.7.141 – this is the case – no servicepacks applied.  If you are on GreatPlains 10.0, please apply at least FRx 7.6 Service Pack 9 6.7.9111, or current(June 2009) SP10 6.7.10343


2.       Youare trying to login FRx and system freezes on the Building/Verifying GLindexes.  This means that your G32 filefor the company is corrupt.  In youSysdata, locate *.G32 file with the name, resembling your company name, renameit and login FRx one more time.  If youwould like to rebuild G32 files for all of your FRx companies, please note,that it rebuilds on logon the file for Default company only, so in order torebuild for all you should logon FRx, Company->Information and selectdefault one by one all of your active companies


3.       Youcannot drill down to the line on your report Drilldown Viewer.  This means that your detail level is set toFinancial Report.  Close Drilldown Viewerand return to Catalog, open Dropdown list next to Detail Level and switch it toFinancial & Transaction


4.       ExportingFRx report to Excel.  Run report to openit in FRx Drilldown Viewer.  ClickFile->Export->Worksheet file then select Formatted Excel (XLS, XLSX)


5.       Howto install new FRx workstation.  Please,launch existing FRx installation, open Admin->Organization->Sysdata.  Write down the path to Sysdata.  Open Help->About FRx and write downrelease number.  Contact your FRxconsultant on confirming or obtaining exactly the same service pack forFRx.   Then on the new workstation,install FRx with all defaults from CD, then do not launch FRx, but first applyappropriate service pack.  Launch FRx,but cancel logon, open Help->About FRx and verify that release number is nowthe same as on existing FRx workstations. Then go to Admin->Organization->Sysdata and change sysdata path inNew location line.  You will get messagethat FRx will exit, login FRx again – you should be able to use this newinstallation at this point


6.       Ifyou need older FRx version support: 6.5 or older, please give us a call:1-866-528-0577, help@albaspectrum.com

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