Electronic Products That Tell You Where To Go And When

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The advancement of digital technology and satellite communication has created exceptional products. There are many great improvements on the older products also.

The electronic product that I believe everyone needs to have is a portable GPS (Global Positioning System).

This gadget can really tell you where to go. In fact it can tell you where you are standing anywhere in the world.

The software for the GPS systems has become very sophisticated and has totally made leaps and bounds over the last two years. The GPS system can be downloaded with maps for the United States and Canada. You can download maps of every city, state, and country. Many countries are also developing map software. It will just be a matter of time before all the major cities in this world can be down loaded onto a GPS system.

Think how handy it would be to have a map of any city in the world, and the GPS can tell you what corner to turn on or alternative routes that are available to you to reach your destination.

The most expensive GPS systems have twenty Giga Byte of memory or more. Besides the expansive memory that helps guide you around every corner, the GPS system now has voice guidance, music storage, movie files, and cell phone capabilities.

Top end cell phones are getting into the act and coupling global phoning with global positioning. I am sure that you have heard of the blackberry cell phones.

I like the GPS system because it helps me mark my campsites as I wander the trails in Idaho’s primitive areas.

I keep a log of where the hot spots are for fishing and hunting. I record the positions and refer to them when I plan to visit that area again. Using the GPS system coordinates for lake fishing has really saved time because many areas look the same. The GPS helps me while I am hunting. I can park my vehicle and start walking a heavily forested mountain. I follow the coordinate that I logged previously. Most of the time I find game as I am heading to my previous spot.

The GPS system really pays for itself when you are exhausted and are heading back to camp or to your vehicle. Prior to owning a GPS system, I have been so tired while heading back to the truck, I missed some of the signs or markings that I normally use as references and I missed the truck by only one hundred feet but because the forest was so dense, I missed my references and I walked for a good forty- five minutes before I stumbled, on to a trail that I was familiar with and made it back to the truck.

I have used the GPS system to mark the spot where I shot my elk, and with my four wheel drive, I got fairly close, so I did not have carry the elk up out of a steep valley.

My GPS helps cut down on the risks that go along with hunting in the Idaho mountains.

So if you don’t mind a machine telling you where to go and when, JT Mall of Electronics (jtmallofelectronics.com), can assist you in purchasing the GPS system that fits into your pocket, on your vehicles dash, or both. In addition you will get a quality product at a fair price. This makes it smart to help yourself.

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