Even though cloud computing applications have rapidly gained popularity in the past few months, <a h

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If you use PC remote accesssoftware, you need to be aware of the security implications of doing so. Whilemodern remote access tools offer great security features, you must remember touse these features for them to be effective.

Even though cloud computing applications have rapidly gainedpopularity in the past few months, PC Remote Access is still a widely usedtechnology in many business environments.This is not surprising, given thefunctionality and convenience that these applications bring to users in thebusiness world.Users can connect to a computer system from anywhere in theworld, transfer files and assume complete control of that system.This powerfulfeature of Remote Desktop Software  hasalso made it a important tool for hackers engaged in malicious and destructiveactivities. Recent reports by IT security professionals show that remote accesstools are the biggest point of failure with regards to external attack gateways.Therecently released 2011, Data Breach Investigations Report, which has beencommissioned with the help of a telecommunications company as well asauthorities in the United States and Europe, has shown that 71 percent ofsecurity breaches related to hacking that were reported in 2010 have been madepossible by unsecured remote access channels. According to information from the2011 report, incidents of hacking where there was a compromised remote accesscomponent are on the rise.Hackers are also known to share attack methods andinformation on security vulnerabilities.Therefore, if a particular version of aremote access tool made by a certain vendor has a known security flaw, hackersare known to seek out and exploit systems that are running software which hasthat vulnerability. Some users of  RemoteAccess Software  may begin to questionwhether using this type of software is actually a good idea in light of thisnew information.One thing to consider is that no technology that allows remotedata access can be completely secure.However, there are ways to mitigate theserisks and thus reduce the chances of falling victim to a hacking attack. Whenselecting a PC remote access solution for your business, take the time to seewhich vendor has the best track record of providing secure software.Dont simplybase your choice on the best features or the lowest price.It is also a goodidea to get acquainted with the security features of your remote accesssoftware and to use them wisely.There are a lot of security breaches, involvingremote access software, that have occurred simply because the user did notchange the default password that came with the software, or neglected torequire a password to access their computer, thinking that nobody would botherhacking into it. Another thing to do is to always stay on top of the latestdevelopments in IT security.Reports, news and publications focusing on securityissues are not just for computer geeks but can provide helpful data for allusers and decision makers in the corporate world.Software vendors also releaseperiodic updates to their products which may include improvements in securityover the previous version.While upgrading the software may not be the mostconvenient thing to doPsychology Articles, it is an absolute necessity.It isfar less inconvenient dealing with a security breach and the related problemsthat a breach could cause then upgrading the software.

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