How to Hide Your Private Pictures

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Pictures are one of the most secret and delicate informationyou can have. Private pictures’ security should deal carefully. Saving yourpictures in flash drives, using cloud technology, using some security softwareor using standard hiding techniques may save your pictures from falling intothe wrong hands.

One of the most sensitive data in your PC may be somepictures that you do not want to share with anyone. You may want to hide yourfamily pictures from your friends or some pictures of friends orgirlfriend/boyfriend from your family. You might have a question in mind thathow can I hide my pictures from unwanted eyes? Well, the problem is not a bigone. You can make them hide by some of the following ways.

One of the easiest ways is not to save pictures a portabledevice instead of saving them in a PC. Make sure that there is no unauthorizeduse of your such portable drives. Portable drives are pretty much affordable.You may use a USB drive or memory card that can be carried with you. People usetheir email account as a backup memory. They mail their data to their own emailbut it is not a safe option as email accounts get easily hacked. Saving yourprivate pictures on the cloud is a better and more reliable option to hide yourconfidential photos.

There are online places where you securely put your data forfree. You just need to register

yourself there. No one will be able to see your photos untilyou enter your ID and password.


If you are not comfortable with the cloud technology, youmay save your data on your PC and use software like Folder lock. Folder Lockacts as a Folder Locker. You can save yourpictures in Folder Lock and set a password. No one will be able to see yourprivate pictures. The software has many other security options that can makeyour pictures inaccessible. There are also some other software but Folder Lockis really easy to use. It can also prevent your pictures from getting erasedfrom your hard drive.

You can hide your secret pictures in your PC using thestandard procedures like making a “Hole-in-the wall”. An invisible folder canalso be created from your pictures which cannot be seen by others. But if yougot a friend or family member who has some expertise in computer, he may digout your secret folders and all your secret pictures can get revealed. Thesetechniques are not effective anymore. The better options for you are to saveyour pictures in the cloud. You can also opt for the portable to save yourundisclosed pictures.

People are always curious to know the secrets you arekeeping in your heart. But, the fact is that they cannot access your heart.But, the secrets you are keeping in your memory devices are not impossible toreach. Those secrets are reachable and can be revealed easily with evidence.So, taking good care of your secret pictures is necessary.


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