How to manage Virtual memory of computer?

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Virtualmemory is the portion of hard drive a computer uses when the available RAM isnot able to fulfill the needs of user. You can allot virtual memory withminimum size 0f 300 MB to the three times of RAM available on the computer.

Most ofthe people are unaware about the VIRTUAL MEMORY and its importance. Virtualmemory is the portion of hard drive a computer uses when the available RAM isnot able to fulfill the needs of user. Computer have RAM (Random Access Memory)which is also known as the Read/Write memory. RAM is volatile in nature meansthat it stores the data until the power is supplied to CPU and when power isswitched off it will loose all the data. There is lot of difference between thespeed of processing between CPU and its peripherals.When RAM of the computer isfull then concept of Virtual memory comes into picture. Virtual memory is aportion of hard drive which is used as RAM when the RAM of computer is full.This is also known as Page file. Most of the people have misconception thatPage file slow down the speed of computer but it is not true.

How doesVirtual memory/Page file works?

When auser is working on lots of application simultaneously then it may be possiblethat when RAM of your computer is not able to suffice to the services requestedby user then CPU will uses the resources available in the form of Virtualmemory/ Page file. When computer’s RAM burden decreases then CPU will transferthe data from Virtual memory to the RAM. It is always advised to use differentpartition as a RAM from the System drive as it can affect the systemperformance. It is always recommended to enable virtual memory feature on yoursystem as if it is disabled your computer will dump the entire task requestedby user when the memory required by them is above the RAM capacity.     

Beforemaking these changes it is mandatory that you must possess Administratorprivileges or must know Administrator password. You can allot virtual memorywith minimum size 0f 300 MB to the three times of RAM available on thecomputer. You have to follow the steps mentioned below to make changes in theVirtual memory of your computer.   

·        Clickon the Start button and select Control Panel to open it.

·        Inthe Control panel select “System and Maintenance” and click on the “System”.

·        Inthe left pane of window click on the “Advanced System Settings”.

·        Inthe “Advanced System Settings” click on the Advanced tab, and under thePerformance click on the “Settings” button.

·        Nowagain click on the Advanced tab and then under the Virtual memory, then selectChange button.

·        Thenclear the check box “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” andselect a specific drive which you want to assign as virtual memory. 

·        Thenclick on the Custom Size and write the amount of memory in megabytes which youwant to assign as virtual memory or paging files.


Thus byfollowing the above procedure you can easily manage computer’s virtual memory.It is always recommended to allot maximum memory as Virtual memory/paging fileas it will enhance the speed and performance of computer system. I have triedthese steps on my computer if you have any problem then you can contact1-855-352-1816 or visit for more details. Some of thewell renowned companies provide online technical support for resolving allcomputer problems. You can also use windows maintenance tools for enhancing the performance ofall windows OS.  

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