How to share files via Bluetooth in windows computer

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Bluetooth is a wirelesstechnology standard for exchanging and transferring data over short distances,with the help of this you can share/transfer files between two devices havingBluetooth technology in them.

Hey, do you know you canshare files between two windows computer even by Bluetooth, you need not haveto use an external storage device to transfer files between them. This is amodern approach and use wireless connectivity of your system.

Bluetooth isa wireless technology standard for exchanging and transferring data over shortdistances basically by using short-wavelength radio transmissions in the ISMband from fixed and mobile devices, which can be between two computers, acomputer and a mobile phone, or even a mobile and mobile phone, simply bycreating a personal area networks (PANs) having high levels of security.

The steps to share files viaBluetooth between two computers are as follows,

·        Look for a Bluetooth device:  Click to start having windows logo on it,then to device and printers and then look there for a Bluetooth device

·        Right-click on theBluetooth device and choose Bluetooth Settings option.

·        A window will get open showing you the Bluetoothsettings option.

·        Tick the check box that allows Bluetoothdevices to find this computer.

·        Tick the check box that ‘Allow Bluetoothdevices to connect to this computer’, tick ‘Alert me when a new Bluetoothdevice wants to connect’ and tick ‘Show the Bluetooth icon in the notificationarea’.

·        Click ‘Apply and then OK’ and save the changes.

·        Confirm that Bluetooth is working on thedevice you want to connect, find the appropriate link, click it and turn theBluetooth on.

·        Click to add a device in the upper leftcorner in device stage, enable the connection and start the handshake stage.

·        Double click the computer or Bluetooth devicethat you want to connect to your parent computer.

·        Windows will create a connection code forpairing; enter that connection code to the computer that you want for pairing.

·        A window will get open with a message ‘thisdevice has been successfully added to this computer’.

·        Now select the files that you wants totransfer or share with your paired device and enjoy the data transfer.

Friends, sometimes ithappens that your Bluetooth device is not detected by your computer you cantroubleshoot it by following the following steps which are as follows,

  • Click the Start button having the windows logo on it, then go to Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound, and then click Bluetooth Devices.
  • Choose the device that is not working, and then click Remove.
  • Click Add, and then press the reset button on the device, select the check box of ‘My device is set up and ready to be found’, and then click Next.
  • Repeat the above steps again and again, if the device is not found.
  • Once the device is found, select it, and then click next.

Friendsthese are the ways by which you can transfer or share files using Bluetooth, ifyou face any sort of problem you can call me on my toll free number1-855-352-1816, for technical support. You can even website;it provides online technical support,windowsmaintenance tools, software’s, and technical support. 

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