Keep you data safe even after re-installing Windows

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We often come up situations like when our computer come down to situation when we have no other option then to format it however you don’t want to lose any data from your computer.

Today I will help you with such situation that will help you make sure you don’t lose any data from your computer.Prevention methodsIt is said prevention is better than cure and thus I would recommend you make sure you have installed or saved all your important files in drives other than C:. C: drive is the main drive of your computer where Windows is installed and thus when you format computer you lose all the data from the C: only where as the other drive is safe so please make sure you store all your important files in other drives. Taking back up of you computerThere are many services provider who offer you online back or you can take back on an external drive with the help of Windows back feature. In case you are using HP or a Dell computer you can also back up your computer with the help of backup CD. Even if you want you can use an external HDD to take the back of your computer. Formatting with backupWhen you are on a verge of formatting the computer almost all the know brands offer you to take a back up of you computer before you format the computer. Thus when you take a back please take a back of the C: drive and rest of the will be safe. In order to take a back up of your computer you can contact your computer manufacturer as methods may vary from the manufacturer to manufacturer. Once you take the backup and then reinstall the Operating system all you have to do is install the backup again. Performing a Parallel installationIn case non of the above step works, please don’t lose hope you can still get the computer to work with the help of parallel installation. The process is much similar to the installation process and all you have to do is instead of choosing the installation when it finds you old operating system please press Esc and then in the next screen choose the C: to install the C: and then select the option that says leave the old file intact and then rename the old windows file to something like Windows.old this should make it work for you. Te rest of the process is same as the installation and will only ask you for the date and time and then you are all set to use the computer. You can go to the C: and then move to users and then pick the same old windows files and you can now browse to the files you want to transfer to the new account once you have copied all of them please delete the old Windows files so that it does not occupy unnecessary space

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