Many USB Drives Are Not That Reliable as Advertised

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Flash drives like SD card, pen drive and USB flash drive are frequently used all over the world. However, have you ever considered whether they are reliable to protect data from loss or damage?

Many people choose USB drive as the device to store backup data which is not advised by experts. The main reason is that quite a few USB drive are not as reliable as described in advertisement. A recent survey shows that few users take reliability of USB drive into consideration when they make backup, as such devices are so convenient and able to store all kinds of files quickly. This article is written to arouse your attention to flash drives.

Flash dive may get damaged much easier than SSD or traditional hard drives and a few common causes and scenarios should be learned:

Flash drive and other external drive should be removed from computer in proper manner. Before pull out the drive from USB port, you need to click the “Safely remove devices from your computer” icon on the lower-right corner of desktop and a pop-up menu will appear to show devices. Select the drive you want to remove. If the drive is being used by other programs, then you have to wait until it’s available. If you don’t follow the process, then the flash drive might goes wrong next you use it on computer. For example, it can’t be opened and reports not formatted. Improper pulling out memory card or USB flash drive may do harm to file system, which may lead to partition corruption and file loss.

USB drives are static sensitive. If user is the static carrier and when the USB drive is inserted to USB port of computer or laptop, the built-up static voltage will spark between flash memory and computer. This often damage the memory chip or even operating system. Computer will turn to normal after restating and yet the flash memory may get permanent damage.

Flash drives have small outline occupying little space, thus they are carried by users in pockets whenever they go. It often happens that users may put all clothes to washing machine forgetting to take it out first. Then the pen drive will be washed and dried out, after which it’s hard to operate normal.

Some flash drives do not have good quality and some are even fake drive, such as a fake drive is marked as 128GB but you can only store 64GB data. Storage devices with bad quality are more likely to get errors and lose data. Such as pen drive asks to format it but when you try to format it you get “Windows was unable to complete the format”.

In brief, flash drive is not the best choice to store backup data and it can’t be regarded as the only device to backup files. For security reason, important should be backed up in time and backup copy stored on different drives.

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