Personal Time Tracking System for Remote Workers and Freelancers

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Personaltime tracking systems are task and time tracking tools used for personaluse. Remote workers can use it to track time spent in their work or use it toanalyze how efficiently they spend their time.


As years pass and technology advances, moreand more remote workers like freelancers, web designers, and consultants arecoming into business organizations to offer their services on acontract-to-contract basis. This kind of employment style has been madepossible through the development of the World Wide Web and the Internet. Becauseof this new way of dealing business, the use of a personal time tracking systemhas gone up.


There are many personal time tracking systemsin the market today that help contractual workers capture, organize, and manageall their projects and tasks. Some companies develop a system that has outlinesor multi-level lists to help organize everything in one central place. Thiskind of system allows for large projects to be broken down into smaller stepsusing as many levels or outlines as possible to easily work on each tasksneeded to complete the project. With this multi-level lists, everything isproperly put in place and it makes focusing on most important tasks possible.


These systems also have a planner-like featurethat allows for a weekly planning process to assist in making time for topprojects and assignments each week. Meaning, it allows users to design theirdays and weeks in order to balance essential long-term projects with urgentshort-term tasks.


A filter and advanced search option is alsoa key feature in some systems. Through this, finding the needed information ismade easier and allows for a faster retrieval of files. This option also givesa comprehensive sorted list of the tasks that needed to be worked on across allcontractual projects by using specific criteria like “deadline” or “priority.”


An automatic scheduling feature is alsointegrated in these systems to help compute the expected start or end dates ofprojects and tasks. There is also a reschedule action button that automaticallyre-computes the start or end dates of specific projects and tasks. A warningsystem is also included that alarms users if any project or task is runningbehind the expected deadline the user has set.



With this personaltime tracking system, freelancers can be more focused on what is importantrather than waste time with non-urgent tasks. By this, remote workers will getto the close of a hectic day feeling happy and worry-free since everythingscheduled to be finished is done. Because one is working more effectively, asense of being in control of one’s time is perceived instead of the other wayaround.


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