SAP Business One Southwest Michigan and Chicago Area and Second Opinion

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The area is good if not to say perfect for nationwide distribution businesses with assembly on order manufacturing.  It is also fair to say that this ERP application is very friendly to small and midsize multinational companies or businesses with small subsidiaries overseas and in Americas.

In this small publication we would like to discuss Business One features which could be deployed in typical local area businesses.  Let’s begin with assembly on order:

1. Simple Discrete Manufacturing.  Often small business with production activity has to acquire and implement manufacturing software with pretty complex functionality large portion of which is not needed.  However expensive package might require additional steps in data entry and processing which are not feasible by common sense.  SAP B1 offers discrete manufacturing module which is simple and at the same time flexible.  In assembly on order scenarios finished goods might be subject to order cancellation and return where parts are in near perfect conditions and could be placed back on the shelves and bins.  This feature is available and in our opinion it is difficult to find it in simple realization in other packages

2. Inventory and Warehouse Management.  Here you are often expecting such features as picking and packing, shipping and receiving and items and container tracking.  There are barcoding extensions available through ISV channel or simple barcode label scanning could be realized via moderate custom programming

3. Customer Vendor Consolidation.  In distribution you might be in situation where your supplier is at the same time your customer.  Business One doesn’t have the problem while ERP applications in higher price segment such as Microsoft Dynamics GP might require additional module acquisition with the same name ‘Customer Vendor Consolidation’

4. International Business.  At this time default licenses give you access to major world languages where you can switch user interface from say English to Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese or Russian without even exiting the application.  Default language could be assigned to the user for convenience.  SAP Business One supports Unicode and is friendly to Crystal Reports where you can design something like Invoice form in the language based on hieroglyphs

5. Centralized Deployment Recommendation.  With the introduction of version 8.8X all languages are supported on the same release and we recommend you to deploy all your subsidiaries including international offices as companies on the same installation.  Consider opening remote user interface via Citrix or similar technologies

6. Flexibility and Customizability.  At this time we consider Business One as very advanced or if you like word ‘revolutionary’ as it allows you to extend existing tables with new fields and create new tables without programming and modification instruments.  If you would like custom business logic to be programmed then review Software Development Kit

7. Second Opinion.  In some situations consulting firms might overestimate their ability to perform complex data migration, modify user interface or integrate SB1 with external database.  Maybe they have consultant in learning curve and would like to expose this person to your project or maybe other reasons.  Feel free to contact competition on the matter of getting second opinion

8. Please call us 1-866-304-3265, 1-269-605-4904,  We have local presence in Chicagoland, Southern California, South West Michigan, Houston and Dallas areas of Texas. We serve customers USA and Canada nationwide and internationally via web sessions and phone conferences (Skype is welcomed)

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