Security Issue with Data Storage

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Despite of the fact that organizations regard dataresiding on internal storage mediums as ‘secure enough’, databases and flatfiles stored on networks or server drives are still vulnerable to unauthorizedaccess anytime, albeit their immobility to outside the network. 

Organizations, where in data remains constantly in transitwithin company networks or across other networks associated with the company’snetwork, should be aware of the inherent risks associated with the flow ofsensitive and confidential corporate or non corporate data in and out of theirnetworks.

Despite of the fact that organizations regard data residingon internal storage mediums as ‘secure enough’, databases and flat files storedon networks or server drives are still vulnerable to unauthorized accessanytime, albeit their immobility to outside the network.

Over the past few years, it has been estimated that 80% ofall corporate information is stored in digital form. Sensitive information,when stored in electronic form, can be susceptible to illegal access iforganizations do little to protect data stored on their servers or on internalstorage mediums.

Employees, when at one point are an organization’s greatestasset, can prove to be one of its greatest vulnerabilities too. Both,intentional and unintentional data security incidences can be caused byemployees of any organization.

Employees who are the reasonof unintentional compromises commit honest mistakes that might become a causeof business money loss, customer’s loss, or investors drop out. Usingencryption to hide from organizational job roles the information not requiredfor day to day activities is a good way to minimize exposure to employeeactivities.

The data stored on tapes thattravel from data centers to off-site storage are generally failed to beencrypted in most of the organizations, eventually causing an unauthorizedrelease or leak of personal or corporate information that happens to be storedon unprotected storage mediums.

Encrypting data in storage isthe best solution to curb all the possible instances of data leak, informationtheft or loss.

With more than 515 millionrecords breached since January 2011 in the Unites States alone, leaving thiskind of information and data open for access is a dangerous game, even for thewell-versed of users. You need a complete End-to-End data protection and informationsecurity suite that works to protect your sensitive and personal data andcontent safe against any type of data breach efforts.

Folder Lock is the ONLY data protection and online backupsolution you need because it provides on-the-fly encryption for all yourpersonal and confidential files at all times. With advanced government-level256-bit AES encryption on your desktop and 128-bit encryption for all onlinecommunications, Folder Lock gives you End-to-End data security to protect allyour data, thus, maintaining data confidentiality and integrity at all times.

Folder Lock not only Locks your files but also encryptsthem and stores them in encrypted storage files called Lockers. Now, with yourpersonally identifiable information stored in protective lockers, even if thedata is accessed hundreds of times a day, you will never get to worry about itsleakage, loss or theft.  It’s better totake preventive measure to secure your important data than to take instant 11thhour measures when the data is lost!

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