Some hints for speeding Up office technical hardware.

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So you’ve been using the same computer for a few years now and noticed it slowing down over time, as well as having difficulty loading several programs at once. Eventually, the machine will become filled up with useless programs and old documents that are never opened.

This will add up to a situation where even the most basic necessities on a computer, such as running an internet browser alongside a word processor can become increasingly difficult, as well as causing the computer to overheat, which can cause a serious hardware fault.You can prevent any harm to your machine by following these simple tips that are easy to implement, requiring little computer knowledge. These are’s top factors for getting the most out of your office computers:1. Portable hard drive – It doesn’t matter what work the office does, it is of utmost importance to regularly backup documents and important data in case of a serious fault. With an external hard drive, this is easily achievable as they are available at a low price and with a large storage space. This is the ideal method of securing documents for use on a number of other computers.2. Purchase a second router. The majority of companies today will be required to use the internet; whether researching, writing or trading, the internet plays a major part for many businesses. Consequently, this can cause heavy traffic on a single router, which leads to a decrease in speed. By using two routers, you can increase the reach of your wireless and speed the internet.3. De-fragment the system and get rid of older files – Workers are typically required to install a number of programs, some of which are only for one-time use and then never use them again. Some of these programs may open on start-up, which can sap memory and space, – these can quite easily be uninstalled or disabled on start up. Simply open the control panel and click on ‘uninstall’, or for disabling at start-up, run msconfig.exe, go to start up tab and un-tick unnecessary programs.4. You may want to have a central network. Sometimes computers can run slowly because they haven’t got enough memory, so it could be a good idea to have central computer and then connect this to the individual computers. This central computer would have enough memory to operate all computers and it would be much more efficient. You could then connect to the central computer by using a tablet, for instance an iPad. You could then look into macbook hire as it is much cheaper than buying one out right and can be easily upgraded.5. Tidy your desktop, compare your desktop screen to your work desk. You will work much better if you can keep it tidy and make effective use of the space. Organise your folders effectively – for further organisation, separate the folders by date. Whilst doing this will not speed up the performance of the system, it does make retrieving and browsing documents a great deal easier.6. Install the latest Operating Systems. Whilst this can often be an expensive option, keeping the OS of your computer updated can provide a significant benefit. Advancing software is a key part of computing, so keeping an updated OS is a must.There are a plethora of methods with which to increase the speed of computers – some more costly than others and some harder to implement; however all are worth it as they will simplify work and boost productivity and employee morale.

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