Technologies for Office Work

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Nowadays workingin an office also means using the latest innovations in the fields of technologyand computer science.


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To have an ideaof how the sector of computer science, with all its consequences, have enteredour offices, changing even the simplest actions, think about the introductionof the software instruments that let users create text documents, like thesoftware office automation. Nowadays if you want to write a letter, a text, orany other file, you cannot but uses those instruments, and if your pc stopsworking. it seems impossible to be able to use “ancient” instruments, liketypewriters, or “prehistoric” tools, like pen and paper, to make the samethings. The idea we have of writing is not connected to the pen anymore, but tothe keyboard, although this is certainly a much less poetic image.

If we were tomake a list of all the computer and software tools that have changed our lifein the office, we could write a whole encyclopedia, devoting long pages to allthose companies that have been proposing products and services, helping thedevelopment of computer science, like IBM, International Business MachinesCorporation. Founded in the beginning of the 20th century, IBM isone of the most famous and ancient IT companies in the world, and throughoutits history has launched products like the IBM Rack Server and IBM PowerSystems. It is also thanks to these companies, which have worked for a longtime trying to understand the needs of the people and to improve their ownservices, that office work has undergone, especially in recent times, asignificant development.    

However, workingwith a computer can also have negative consequences. While the worst thing thatmight occur working with the typewriter was running out of ink and paper, usinga pc there is the virus threat hanging over us, a virus that might invalidateand undermine our work. But also in this case it is technology that helps us,and you only need to buy an antivirus device that helps you to keep away fromsuch threats.

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