The Different Types of an Exchange Backup

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If you currently have exchange backup software as well as the server, you should know about some important things about the program. To start with, there are different types of them available and can range from copy to full backup. Also, you will see there’s differential and incremental backup. However, the one you decide on can vary and depend on a few things. It can also depend on the type of information you have and want stored.

Full backup programs are designed to backup your entire database. All log files as well as all of your databases are backed up and saved. Your data and all of your info are protected and are kept safe from computer crashes or other damage to your computer that would wipe it out. You only have to save your info one time on the backup and it keeps it stored, but you also have access to change what’s in it and add info to it as well.Copy backup is similar to the normal backup process, and the only difference is that it won’t mark files saved for incremental or differential backup. This simply means that you have the ability to copy any data or information and not have it become ruining other programs and files.Another exchange backup is a differential process, which is where your changes that have been made are backed up. This process only saves and backs up log files; however, it will not get rid of them. And lastly, the incremental process of a backup is designed to save only certain parts of information and other data you may have. It will also mark things off making it easier for you o recognize and also making it easier to retrieve information during a crash.

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