The Different Types of Android Tablet

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It could be said that the world is in the race for android tablet. This is as a result of numbers of the tablets in the market today.

It is always difficult for one to make a choice of the brand of android tablet to buy. This is because the varieties have intimidating characters that make them unique and appealing. However, there are different things the users of the product put into consideration before making a choice. Here are some of the brands in the market. Those looking for the best tablet android to buy could consider the Anus Transformer Prime.

The Sinvigo tablet is one of the best Android tablets in the market. One thing that makes this product unique is because it is ICS upgradeable. This helpful for those who have the earlier versions, they could easily upgrade to it. Moreover, the core processor is made of NVIDIA Tegra 3. The good quality of the android is the presence of Eee pad transformer as well as the 10.1” backlight. This is one of the best android in the market.

Another popular android tablet making great impact in the market is the Ainol tablet. The operating system is of the 3.2 honeycombs. It is fitted with a 1.2 Dual GHz processor. It has two cameras which include the front camera and the rear camera. The other added advantage of this product is that it could be used as Television Universal remote device. This is one of the best android in the market. Clearly, they are in high demand.

Another good design of android tablet is the Onda Cortex. This is another good brand and that is because of the features of the tablet android. There are several unique features which include the 1GHz dual processor. It is also fitted with two cameras which include the rear camera and the front camera. It has an upgradable operating system consisting of the android 3.0 honeycombs. This is one of the best brands anybody could buy.

The ACHO is another high quality android tablet. It is loved because of the unique characteristics. It has as its operating system the android 3.2 honeycomb. It is also fitted with both the micros HDMI and SD Cards. It is among the best in the market.

There are several other brands. One thing that is very unique about them is that they are all very competitive in the market. It is great that those types of tablets offer a diversity of features which can satisfy every taste and preference. It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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