Understanding Android Tablets

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Now that everything is modernize, a lot of people don’t know that OS is not just for computers but it is now made available for mobile phones, netbooks and Android tablets.

Android offers a bigger community to a lot of people and mobile carriers just by simply upgrading their system. They have a large number of applications that aim to make any mobile base device functional like Android tablets. Do you know that there are more than 70,000 applications that are now available for Android tablets and they have been continuously making updates to help a lot of people who need assistance using a hand held device? 

There is no wonder why Android is one of the famous in the market today when it comes to OS because they are offering variety of apps for all their consumers for free and there are also cheap tablets that are running Android OS as well. The technology is very stiff and highly competitive that is why they now come up with a newer version of Android which is known as the Android Froyo. It is also based from Linux Kernel. If you are figuring out where to find Android OS, you don’t have to worry too much because you can find it in most mobile device including netbooks and tablets.

At first it was only Videophone that offers Android OS as their platform. A lot of mobile companies are now offering Android OS simply because the Android OS have the capacity to help you get connected to famous social network sites today. You will also have the possibility to connect and upload to YouTube. You can also have the possibility to synchronize your emails and contacts as well. GPS is also accessible through this type of OS as well. Now Videophone is not the only one that is offering Android to all its patrons, the HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson now offers you with handsets that are powered by Android. Android is competing tightly to major OS and mobile companies today.

Android has been a very famous OS among cheap tablets and it is competing tightly with a lot of mobile OS such as IPhone’s and Blackberry’s. this OS is advantageous more than other OS today because it has the capacity to run multiple applications at the same time, any open apps can be hidden, its market offers free download to a lot of people, it provides better notification, it offer custom ROMs and many others. there are lots of things you may enjoy from using Android and living a life using a mobile device that is powered by Android will surely be beneficial to you in the long run.

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