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Altamira offers effective staffing agency software that keeps the professionals working in the agencies informed about the services in different areas like employment, training and volunteer opportunities. The software helps the agencies in successfully filling the vacancies for the desired profile, managing job applications and online resumes. This software also helps in customizing application forms according to your own field requirements. It searches for applicants based on numerous criteria. The software compares, selects and prints applicants of interest. Also, purges old applications on the basis of data submitted. It protects data by providing data password.

Staffing agency software is an inclusive solution that manages jobs and resumes with minimum manual help and with maximum technical expertise. It is broadly used in recruitment agencies for recruiting the qualified and experienced professionals easily and quickly. The solution works largely with the help of web and therefore, generates effective results in less time. This article gives answers of some of the main questions regarding working and expertise of a staffing agency software.What are the features of an efficient staffing solution?While looking for a good staffing solution, one must look for software that functions entire staffing business in simple and rapid way. Most important features offered by the staffing solutions are mentioned below:

  •     Job board
  •     Career portals intranets
  •     Job openings on corporate websites

How does a staffing agency solution functions? Though, there are several different version of the software available in market, one can choose it according to the business need and utility. So to say, the software is modified every time and a latest software platform is released in the market. However, these solutions have some basic functionality.

  •     It simplifies  adding job classifications
  •     It manages employment information effectively
  •     It also guarantees hiring of industry professionals at rich, intuitive, fast and highly customizable platform

What are the advantages of the software?There are several recruiting agencies that work for recruiting talented candidates for big multi-national companies. It becomes fundamental to use the most advanced technological platform for handling the requests of a demanding client base. In an increasingly competitive market of recruitment, Altamira offers staffing software that has following advantages:

  •     Having a powerful system allows one to run his/her own free or commercial career
  •     It helps in classifying  ads services
  •     It manages agency’s website in an effective and organized way
  •     It offers customizable modules that can be altered, adjusted, disabled or added according to your agency’s needs.
  •     It generates results for corporate clients as well and can give various levels of access to the agency’s website
  •     It also offers a unique security privilege that keeps the agency data safe
  •     It is designed to help employment agency professionals to connect their recruits with the right jobs.

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