Apps That Will be Killed After the Release of Mac OS X Mountain Lion

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As we allknow that Apple’s new Mac OS X Mountain Lion will bring users iOSfeatures to desktop. Users are really happy to see that, but some appdevelopers not. As their features are integrated to Apple’s new MacOS, their app will die anyway.

Apple will release the latest MacOS, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, and it will bring us many new features tothe desktop OS from iOS. This action will make many apps that we useoften and we like very much useless. After the publish of OS XMountain Lion, the following app will be useless anyway.

Adium & AIM

Most of users have already dropthe AIM for a long time and use iChat or Adium. However, after theMessages release, it will make users to forget them totally. Adiumnow has many pressure about it. Because its hot point is Growl’scompatibility and easy-to-use cross-platform record. While after therelease of Notification Center in Messages, this function seemsmeaningless. If you’d like to sync the chat record manually, it is anice idea to move it from mobile devices to desktop.

In fact, if you use FaceTime oriMessages to contact with your friends, there are no choice for youexcept Messages. This is mainly because iMessage does a great job andperfectly support IM agreement. If you are using iPhone or iPad, youhave to use it. There is another benefit if you are using Messages.Apple will maintain it always, while Adium is like a homeless orphan.Now, the only thing that Adium is doing well is its icon and skin.Maybe, it is a good news for them.


As we all know that, Jobs likesDropbox very much. It is said that he once attempted to buy it andintegrated it to iCloud for 800 million US Dollor. Some people saidthat Dropbox is a feature, not a product. But Dropbox still existindependently. Now Apple already surpassed it and even make it die.

Other server seems useless afterthe new feature of iCloud release. The user document sync on all thedevices is a big problem. Altough it includes many functions ofDropbox, but its cross-platform feature makes Dropbox will replace byiCloud totally. And there is still no big file on iCloud, so Dropboxwith big file can not sync fast anytime and anywhere. There is nodoubt that Apple’s iCloud will win the battle.


Maybe that there are few peoplein your family who are not using smart phone. It is possible thatthey will become the lonely island of information exchange after therelease of Messages. Because although Messages will be come thecenter of communication, it needs to record the SMS separately.Cross-platform service become more and more common, such as Gtalk andso on. At the same time, SMS is only used on cellphone. For the iOSusers, there is no reason to use SMS any more and it costs money.


Notification Center is like amore easier to use Growl. It uses and improves the core function ofGrowl, supports show the notice at the up-right of the screen. GrowlRollup is totally used in Apple’s desktop app and which is differentfrom Growl is that the notice will on the screen until user ignoreit. Notification Center’s hidden sidebar design uses a more elegantand non-invasive way to get the same info. When users are doing otherthings and do no see the notice, they would like to see the notice.

Users will get more friendly userexperience, especially after Apple opens the API of it to the thirdparty apps. So the OS Mountain Lion will kill Growl soon after itsrelease.

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