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In the 21st century, the use ofinternet is increasing with a pace. From 10 years old child to a businessman,every person is using the internet to get their work done even they are verysimple tasks

In the 21st century, the use of internet is increasing with a pace. From 10 years old child to a businessman, every person is using the internet to get their work done even they are very simple tasks. If a single computer has its own internet access, it becomes very costly and sometimes speed and control of the internet also differs. For the solution to this problem, computer software was designed and established known as bandwidth software. To control and run this bandwidth software, bandwidth manager is necessary to install. This helps you to effectively run your software. Any of the business either small or large can use and avail the services of the bandwidth software. It has different importance to different businesses according to their requirements. These are as following:•Help to observe and limit the bandwidth for the network.•Provides you the complete information on how much data can be downloaded and accessed by each computer.•If you increase the bandwidth, more data per second would be transferred which means that greater speed of internet is available.•Provides you the bandwidth limit that informs you how much data or speed is being transferred.•Deals with the bandwidth of any protocol or internet.•Optimizes the services of the broadband.•Have an organized control over network jamming and controlling the speed limit.•Boosts the performance of the application that is being used by an individual.•Distribute the bandwidth and the speed of the internet among the number of clients sitting on different computers.•Every computer is connected to the main server having the complete check on them.•It displays the download and uploads speed of varying computers.•The reports of the bandwidth that how it has been used can be checked daily, weekly or monthly.•Keep an eye on different LAN connections at the same time.•It notifies the user who crosses the limit of the bandwidth related to the computer he is using.•It is easy to install and simple to use.•Bandwidth software is affordable and of convenient quality.•This software does not need any extra hardware or device to be attached to the computer for its installation.•Keeps the computer fresh and aware of any viruses or threats.•Promotes any of the organization to have an efficient internet connection and network.•It is a wide spread and comprehensive software for its users.•Balance the load automatically according the internet being used.•Provide a single point of control for all users.Thus, the users of internet in different organizations on the large scale can use the bandwidth software to have a complete control on the connection services they are providing to various users. The bandwidth software also provides a password to make your computer and data secure from the ones whom you don’t want to notify. Hence, it is the guaranteed software for minimizing the costs and working efficiently.

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