Dynamics GP Partner CA, IL: Next Step If Great Plains implementation fails

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Corporate ERP, formerly known also as Great Plains Dynamics, eEnterprise (please note that Great Plains Accounting for DOS, Windows and Mac is different legacy ERP application), is designed for mid-size businesses and it has plenty of functionality and the whole stack of technologies: Dexterity, MS SQL Server, MS Office Integration, SSRS, Integration Manager, eConnect, etc

Having said that – we would like you to expect certain levelof commitment to implementation project from your management, including ITdepartment.  Also, sometimes you may beexposed to the situation when your Dynamics GP Partner is sort of introducingnew Great Plains Consultant, or simply doesn’t have sufficient expertise inyour industry or project scale might be too challenging.  In other words, combinations of factors, andif you are reading these lines, you probably are trying to understand how torecover your investment into Dynamics GP licenses and move on to the secondopinion and Great Plains Implementation recovery.  Let’s try to analyze the most typicalscenarios of Dynamics GP project failures and how to get out of there:


1.       Failuresscenarios.  Probably the most often isthe one, when you are forcing 100% data conversion to GP from your legacyCorporate ERP (Oracle Financials, Lawson, Epicor, QuickBooks, Accpac, MYOB, etc)- please, know that moving transactions to Dynamics GP Open and Historicaltables: Sales Invoices, Purchase Orders, GL Transactions, Payroll, CustomerPayments, etc., if you are not doing it via GP Integration Manager, but insteadtrying direct SQL insertion, is source of huge data validation and followingcorruption problems.  Second scenario iswhen you are trying to customize GP screens and business logic too heavily, oruse too many Dynamics GP ISV add-ons (they might conflict to each other if youtoss too many into implementation).  Thethird scenario is when you are trying to build too complex eConnect orIntegration Manager integration and move transactions to GP in real time or inscheduled batch processing – here you are rather in the trap of your DynamicsGP Reseller learning curve, as IM and eConnect are extremely powerful, but theyrequire Great Plains Partner commitment to the technologies.  The fourth most typical case if when yourDynamics GP consultant is not too familiar with GP module (Manufacturing,Project Accounting, Field Services, Grant Management, Analytical Accounting, Multicurrency,etc), required for your industry.  Nextscenario is when you are doing old Great Plains Dynamics version upgrade and itfails due to such archaic GP add-ons as Intellisol APOP and ProjectAccounting  – APOP has migration tool toGreat Plains Purchase Order Processing module, however Intellisol ProjectAccounting should be considered to be redeployed on GP Project Accountingmodule, where object match requires discussions and decisions


2.       Theway out.  We assume that you alreadytried to discuss the options with your local Great Plains Dynamics GP VAR, andnow you should look for better expertise USA nationwide.  You new provider could likely have satelliteoffice in your state or business metro, but in our opinion this is notcritical, as remote training, support is very simple via web sessions and phoneconferences and if visit onsite is required – travel is reasonably cheap in theUnited States.  If your problem is faileddata conversion, feel free to get second opinion from the Dynamics GP Partnerwith GP Software Development Factory.  Ifyour problem is ecommerce, or barcode real time or batch mode integration, weare here to help you


3.       DynamicsGP Implementation in International Environment. If you are multinational firm with offices overseas, please note that GPis localized officially for English Speaking countries, Quebec in French andSpanish Latin America (with some restrictions). If your subsidiary is located in Unicode compliant language country (China,Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc) – Great Plains Dexterity doesn’t support Unicodeat this time (and likely will never support). Plus local tax legislation compliance is very important, if you are insuch region as Brazil, we do not really recommend you to force your BrazilianPortuguese speaking employees to implement GP, as Brazilian tax code iscomplex.  Better approach is to deployCorporate ERP coming from another brand name, SAP Business One for example, orstay with local ERP legacy application and try to consolidate it to yourCorporate ERP Great Plains


4.       Howto get help?  Please, feel free to callus: 1-866-528-0577, outside of USA: 1-630-961-5918 or email ushelp@albaspectrum.com  We are verytechnical and real Dynamics GP Dexterity, SAP Business One SDK programminggurus.  We have Great Plains SoftwareDevelopment Factory and could support unlimited Dynamics GP Customization andProgramming needs.  Plus we speakEnglish, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and not only as native speakingsales folks, but as real technical consultants. If you prefer skype: albaspectrum

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