Dynamics GP Partner with Barcoding, Retail, Warehouse Management Emphasis

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If you are at the point of making your homework in new Corporate ERP selection and you are working for mid-size chain of retail stores, where you do centralized distribution from your nationwide or regional warehouses – we would like to offer some highlights.

As we may suggest your criteria are something, preferably one system, where you have POS terminals, connected to your ERP modules (General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Inventory), barcode scanning based Warehouse Management System, where you do inventory replenishment, and transfer between sites (delivery from central location to your stores), barcode labels printing capabilities for potentially up to hundred thousand newly arrived items in the store with such advanced barcode labels, where you have price and item code combined (meat, poultry, where weight is important and price is per pound, or kilogram).  Also you may have long term plans to open your own online store or ecommerce website, where you deploy popular ecommerce shopping cart platform, such as Magento, ASP .Net Storefront or another brand, and your ecommerce orders are in real time submitted to your Sales Module of the Corporate ERP application and scheduled for fulfillment on the warehouse floor via barcode scanning.  Good picture of possible dream Corporate ERP solution, let’s come to the recommendations and reviews:1.Tandem versus one heavily customized ERP application.  We do not believe that it this historical moment of time and in foreseeable future we should recommend the solutions doing both jobs: Accounting/ERP/MRP and Retail/Point of Sale.  There might be several reasons behind that statement – one of them is this one.  POS applications have to pursue retail software market – this market is matured and requires high level of barcode scanners selection and configuration.  Most of POS software, such as Counterpoint, Microsoft RMS and others have integration tools to several ERP platforms, one of them is Microsoft Dynamics GP Great Plains.  But often generic POS software application cannot commit itself to one ERP platform and by doing so limits its market potential.  So our recommendation is to pick tandem – POS application and ERP solution.  Please, note that our recommendation is based on the assumption that your company is mid-size company, where for large corporations you may have more options by picking more upscale ERP products (and requiring higher budget), coming from SAP, Oracle and even Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta)2.Tandem options.  In our publication we assume that your budget is somewhat restricted by the cash flow of mid-size company and in your situation it is wise to pick something like Microsoft Dynamics GP or its direct competitors.  If you decide on Dynamics GP, we recommend you to review Microsoft Retail Management System (MS RMS) as the second player in the tandem for POS and Store management.  Microsoft RMS also has Headquarters module, where you can consolidate your store POS transactions, Inventory Purchases and transfers in one database.  We are offering MS RMS integration solution to Dynamics GP which moves RMS daily sales to Great Plains SOP Invoice transactions, RMS Purchase to Dynamics GP Purchase Receipts and also synchronizes Inventory Site-to-Site transfers between RMS and GP.  If you decided on Counterpoint as your POS solution – integration is available via MS SQL Server DTS packages, sending daily sales directly to GP General Ledger and Purchase to GP Payable Management3.Warehouse Management System.  We recommend WMS as extension to Dynamics GP SOP, POP and Inventory Control modules.  In this scenario you are not required to look for the third system as part of the concert, you are just extend Dynamics GP modules for barcoding.  We have our own WMS extension module, so feel free to call us for details4.Down to ecommerce business.  Our ecommerce module allows you in software setup wizard manner to pick your shopping cart platform from drop down list (Magento, Asp .Net Storefront), Dynamics GP inventory site for ecommerce orders.  Ecommerce customer orders are transformed into SOP Invoices with customer credit card payments in the form of SOP Invoice Deposits (Check and Cash payments are available options)5.Requesting info?  Please, call us 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918 or email help@albaspectrum.com  First of all we have to say, that in Dynamics GP, Retail and Barcoding related consultancy we are going USA, Canada nationwide and internationally.  However if you absolutely require local presence, we are happy to help you in Southwest Michigan (Benton Harbor, Kalamazoo, Holland, Grand Rapids, Saugatuck, New Buffalo, South Haven, Grand Haven), in Chicagoland of Illinois, Gary area of Indiana, Houston Texas, Southern California: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego

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