How to password protect files and folders

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If your computer is accessible by other users, you may beconcerned about the privacy of your files/folders. File security software canhelp eliminate that concern. These programs enable the user to password protecttheir files or folders and hides them from snoopers.

1.      To get started download the file protectionsoftware “Folder Lock” from


2.      Once fully downloaded, run the .exe file, whichwill start the installation process.


3.      After installation is completed, double click onthe icon “Folder Lock” on your desktop.


4.      Here, you will be prompted to setup a MasterPassword. Please make sure that you select a password that is easy for you toremember but hard for others to guess.


5.      Select the option Lock Files,located on the top left hand corner.


6.      In the middle of the program menu, you will seean option “drag and drop files here”, simply drag and drop files there.


7.      Your files/folders will automatically be lockedand will become hidden (default security) from its location. You’ll only beable to view the protected folder after running the security program (andunlocking them with correct password)


8.      Once you unlock the protected folder, this willmake the file/folder reappear on the original location again.


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