How to Speed up Computer Startup?

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This article is about how to speed computer startup. There are some manual ways while a shortcut is also offered. Moreover, some advice about how to choose a best registry cleaner is provided. Hope it can be helpful for you.

As a computer professional for many years, many people ask the question how to speed up the computer startup. It takes too long to start and there is no error message. What’s the detailed cause and how to deal with that? I will talk about several ways to speed up computer startup.

1. Optimize BIOS settings     In the home page of BIOS settings, access “Advanced BIOS Features”, move cursor to the option “FristBootDevice”. The system default is “Floppy” which indicates the system will read information from floppy. This takes more time to startup and reduces the life span of the floppy drive. You can select “HDD-0” and the computer can start up directly from the hard disk, and it will take a little shorter. It’s best to disable the option “Above1MbMemoryTest”, enable the option “QuickPowerOnSelftest”. In the “Advanced ChipsetFeatures”, change the option “Bank 0 / 1 DRAM Timing” from “8ns/10ns” to “Fast” or “Turbo”.

2. Remove Windows boot logo  Open the “Start” ’ “Settings” ’ “Folder Options”. In the “Advanced Settings” under”View” tab, tick “Show all files.” Then open C drive, find the file MSdos.Sys, cancel “read only” and open it. Under “Option”, LOGO = 0 is added. Thus the operating system startup will be sped up.

3. Arrange and optimize the registry     The system will read the relevant information in the registry after bootup, and temporarily store them in RAM (memory). Most of windows bootup time is spent on this. Therefore it is important to arrange and optimize the registry regularly. It is best to choose a registry cleaner. You don’t have to spend more time looking into how to optimize the registry. A good registry cleaner not only can protect the computer registry, but also can enhance the computer overall performance.

In order to choose an excellent registry cleaner, you need to do some research before purchasing any such software. Some people who have used this kind of software may not like what it does. Some even result in a crashed computer. There are too many such programs available on the market while the quality is totally different from one to another. They can be classified into several grades. The worst one may only cause one trouble instead of fixing or optimizing computer registry. One can not do a comprehensive scan or even a false scan and does nothing good to your computer. One only can do a comprehensive scan for your computer. One both can do an overall scan, clean the junk files, fix the registry errors and also have other advanced features.

I have used some of this kind of software. If you want to speed up computer startup easily, you can try RegistryMum cleaner. There is an advanced feature managing the startup program. If you want to know more about it, you can visit .

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