Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, Helping Implement WMS, SCM, Logistics in Mexico

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If your corporation expands internationally and domestically in USA or Canada and you have Microsoft Dynamics GP as your Corporate ERP application (you may be on older version, known as Great Plains Dynamics, eEnterprise) – this publication should give you highlights on implementing Great Plains in Mexico or Latin America in general

Typically Warehouse Management System is part of broader functionality realm, known as Supply Chain Management, Distribution, Logistics – and all these technologies are based on Barcode scanning, RFID and integration to your ERP or MRP modules1.How to extend your current Dynamics GP system to cover foreign subsidiary.  Good news is that Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Central America, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Spanish speaking Caribbean countries have localized (or reasonably localized) versions of Dynamics GP.  Generally what we recommend and what is in synch with your current licensing plan with Microsoft Business Solutions in USA is the fact that you can have unlimited number of Great Plains companies, assuming that the installation of the whole system is on the single server (or single SQL cluster).  This fact gives you good options to install Dynamics GP for Mexican or Latin American subsidiary in your Headquarters and expose it to South American GP user via Citrix, Terminal Server or similar technologies.  You will have to pay the price for adding Spanish language, but this price is symbolic.  This scenario should enable you to exercise high level of control over your South American ERP reporting and allow you to reduce IT support cost, as we assume that your US based Server already has dedicated SQL DBA and Networking Engineer2.Warehouse Management System.  Our solution extends existing Dynamics GP Distribution modules: Sales Order Processing, Inventory Control, Purchase Order Processing.  This approach allows you to avoid paying twice for WMS functionality (comparing to when you are purchasing external Warehouse Management System and pay for the WMS functionality there).  Plus you do not have to pay for External WMS integration mapping and piloting to be sure that you are ready to go into production mode with new WMS.  We enable Sales Order for Barcode based lines allocation in WMS Order Fulfillment scenario.  In Dynamics GP Purchase Order Processing we enable Purchase Receipt document for Barcode scanning to enable WMS merchandize replenishment.  And Inventory control module in GP gives you Barcoding options to do Inventory Count, Items Transfer and Adjustment3.Supply Chain Management remarks.  We have functionality, allowing you to automate merchandize consignment in food industry, trucks optimization routs (preferred delivery dates)4.WMS for Brazil.  Brazilian Portuguese is now available for Dynamics GP user interface (by one of the Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV partners) – please note that Brazilian tax and government reporting legislation is tough one and you may get into hurdle of Corporate ERP compliance.  We recommend you to do your homework on Brazilian ERP and especially if you are interested in Supply Chain Management for Brazil.  Our pick would be Dynamics AX Axapta (for large manufacturing facilities), or SAP Business One for smaller distribution oriented subsidiaries5.If you are expanding Worldwide.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is localized in USA, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Spanish Speaking South, Central America, Mexico and Caribbean, plus in French for Canadian Quebec.  There are versions for Arabic speaking countries, and South East Asia and Oceania where English the language of business.  If your targeted country is not listed above, especially when you are in such regions as Russia, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand – we would rather recommend you Axapta or SAP Business One.  Yes, you will have to pay for the ERP software license, however the rate of success in Corporate ERP implementation for international subsidiary will be a way higher6.WMS integration with eCommerce.  This was one of our major presentations on Convergence 2010 in Atlanta in April 2010.  We plan to do this demo again with more functionality presented on Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2011 in Atlanta in April of 2011.  For large eCommerce retailers and wholesalers SCM order execution is critical to reduce ecommerce transaction cost7.How to get help?  Please call us 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918, skype albaspectrum, email Our consultants speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Filipino, Chinese, Russian

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