Pen Drive Security Threat

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With the extensive use of pen drive and the security threats associatedwith it for the organizations, the device can be called as a necessaryevil.

Pen drive is one of the most familiar devices with anyone who is usinga computer these days. The portable gadget is growing immensely popularfor its extended functionality in different sectors. Apart from being aperfect device for storing and transferring data, the popularity of thedevice has been fueled by its convenience of use. However, every technology has its downside. The more the tech-savviesrun after improved technology, the more they are being exposed to thedangers that are associated with the technology. Pen drive is not anexception in this regard. Although it has simplified the process ofstoring volumes of data, it has its own share of threats that can behazardous and sometimes lead to disastrous consequences. Some of themajor problems with pen derive are discussed bellow. Virus threat:In the corporate world, chances are their one can send virus to the PCsof an organization and disrupt functions. Earlier, the prime sources ofvirus to a computer were emails or floppy drives. However, thetechnology has evolved to check the virus from these sources andprotect the PC. But, it is really difficult to detect the virustransmitted through a pen drive. Unless a company has strong anti-viruspolicies or unless each file in a networked is being checked for thesecurity, it is almost impossible to protect the PCs against the virusthat comes with a pen drive. Data insecurity:The corporate sectors across the world are vying with each other tostay afloat and at times they don`t hesitate to deploy any unethicalmeans to get data from their rivals. If you flip the pages of history,you will find numerous instances where hackers and spies have beenemployed for espionage. Being a small device, pen drive createsopportunities for the miscreants to access data from unprotected PCthat has an open USB port and steal information such as research data,clients` list, quotes and etc. As it is possible to store huge amountof data in the pen drive, anyone can easily bring the software in it todecode the password of the PC or hack other information.Use of spamware:Sometimes, the treats come with the employees of the organization.Apart from bringing the virus, the pen drive is able to carry malicioussoftware that can be planted in a PC by anyone. Often, the employees goagainst the corporate ethics and use the device to take unauthorizedsoftware and data such as shareware, games, MP3 music, software pranks,video clips, pornography pictures, etc. Moreover, the introduction ofthe pen drive has multiplied the threats of data insecurity andbringing bulky spamware with its available space. The organizations aremore susceptible to threats as the software with password crackingability can also be carried easily. Prone to data Loss:Pen drive is a very small and useful device. But the most dangerousdownside of the device is that it lacks any security system. So, if youhave stored data in it and it is misplaced, anyone can access the data.Due to its small size the chances of loss are high. You and yourorganization may be in trouble in case the data is manipulated. Oflate, there have been growing demands among the pen drive users todevelop the device with security system.Companies have been taking conscious protest against the threatsinvolved with the portable device like small drive. However, theorganizations need to be extremely careful about the use of this deviceinside the office premises.

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