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Drawing or making any work art through a computer is a very tough job, especially for beginners. Using the mouse in forming shapes, changing thickness, changing colors, erasing and switching from one command to the other is lot of work and needs more time. To decrease the time consumed and to eliminate unnecessary efforts, a tool was invented, the digitizing or graphics tablet. A graphics tablet is defined as an input device, which consists of an electronic tablet and a cursor or a stylus pen that enables you to enter drawings and sketches into a computer.

One of the leading makers of graphics tablet is the Wacom. Wacom has invented different tablets for different users who use different programs. Wacom has already introduced their latest technology, the Wacom Intuos3.The Wacom Intuos3 consists of a tablet, a pen and a five-button mouse.The USB-based tablet is a flat screen where you make your drawing using a stylus pen. It represents the screen of the computer. Every point on the tablet has a corresponding point on the computer.The Intuos3 Grip pen is used to control your drawing. It is pressure-sensitive and has 1,024 levels of tip and eraser pressure sensitivity for an easy control. It is a cordless and battery-free pen with programmable DuoSwitch for comfort and productivity. It includes three nib styles; standard nib, stroke nib and felt nib.The Intous3 five-button mouse is a cordless and battery-free mouse. It is ball-free and optics-free for a smooth and accurate tracking. The purpose of this mouse is to prevent user from repetitive motion. It can be used as a replacement for the pen if the user gets tired of using it.Wacom Intuos3 contains eight chordable express keys and two finger-sensitive touch strips. This can be used for scrolling, zooming or can be programmed to perform custom functions. It also includes software like Adobe Photoshop Elements 2, Corel Painter Essentials 2, nik Color Efex Pro 2 and Wacom Brushes 2 for more choice of brushes. Driver software for intuitive interface, customizable pressure curves, tablet and device settings, pop-up menu and flexible mapping options are also included.The best thing about Intuos3 is that it is ergonomically designed. The tablet is designed with sloping, contoured palm-rest and an acrylic overlay. A mouse was provided so that the user is prevented from injuries caused by repetitive motion. It has enhanced electronics that doubles the resolution to 5,080 lpi. It has an 8 ft. cable so you can work freely. There are three available sizes for you to choose from; 4×5, 6×8 and 9×12.

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