SAP Business One Implementation Flexibility – Rentals

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SAP B1 implementing process is really enjoyable time of business logic mapping and in some meaning possible business logic discovery. 

We saw custom logic programming and deployment, and then later on SB1 users discover the way of doing required logic in standard SAP BO interface and virtually abandon modification.  In this small article we would like to give you some highlights on possible Rentals automation:

1.       Warranty Service Contract.  This construction allows you to sell serialized item to the customer and then place it on Service Warranty contract, where you support the product or list of products via Service calls with recommended solution, knowledge base, associated events and expenses

2.       Rental Contract.  The difference between regular warranty contract and rental one is the fact, that the rented item stays in your inventory and is not sold to the customer.  Instead you sell to the customer the service.  Simply create rental service item, assign serial number to it and then you should allocate real rented item.  Create Service Call, switch to expenses tab and create new expense, select type Transferred to Technician.  This expense type is associated with Inventory transfer, so if you create the site Rented then you will be able to transfer your item, subject to rent to this site and it will be linked to Service contract

3.       Contract Expiration.  When contract expires, you should create another Expense transaction Return from Technician, and this return will transfer the item from Rented warehouse back to the warehouse of the items, available for rent

4.       Multiple rented items under the same contract.  Here, again we recommend you to deploy the power of Warranty contract, where you can have one contract per customer, per group of items or per individual item (where it is on the level of Item Customer Equipment Card)

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