Switching Power Supply

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Switching power supply is a powersupply form factor that incorporates high-frequency input switchingto generate desired DC voltage. The use of switching regulator in thecircuit makes it a regulated power supply system.

Switching Power Supply: AnIntroduction

Switching power supply providesmodulated power supply by combining low-loss electronic componentssuch as:

  1. Inductors

  2. Capacitors

  3. Transformers

These power supply systems enableelectronic connection through switches to regulate the power relayfunction. Effective circuit status switching between power on(saturation) and power off (cut off) generates required power supplyfor the device. The switching power method utilizes higher frequencythan the AC supply, thus creating a continuous waveform. Thisfacilitates the output supply to a smaller transformer than the inputone.

Switching Power Supply: Advantages

The switching power supply method hasgained global recognition as it offers the following advantages:

  1. It can generate any voltage withlittle impact of input variations

  2. It produces higher efficiency dueto the use of low-loss components and duty cycles in powerregulation

  3. It has a small size due to highoperating frequency

  4. It features low heat generation

  5. It is light weight

  6. It produces minimal noise whenswitching frequencies of the power unit

Low-cost switching power units canproduce noise due to input operations. Also, electronic design toconnect inductors, capacitors and transformers pose severechallenges.

Switching Power Supply:Classifications

Switching power supply method can beused for four different input-output combinations:

  1. AC to AC – in the form of afrequency changer

  2. AC to DC – offline DC output

  3. DC to AC – in the form of powerinverter

  4. DC to DC – in the form ofvoltage converter

A good switchingpower supply mode maximizes the performance of theelectronic device in which it is installed. It demonstrates topperformance by regulating input and output supply. Several electronicproduction companies manufacture switching power supplies and assistclients in choosing the best one for their devices. Custom switchingpower supply systems are also made for specific power regulationrequirements.

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